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What is the origin of the word CARDASH , with alternative spellings, in Hungarian?

there are many alternative spellings but I think this is the pronunciation. It is also a family name.

Could be atype of dance or sword maker maybe?

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    Kard is 'sword, iron, steel, brand'. The -as suffix is an old form of the modern -os suffix which changes this noun into an adjective meaning 'sworded', namely 'having a sword'. In modern Hungarian kardos is metaphorically extended to mean 'energetic, resolute'. (In Hungarian, 's' is pronounced like English 'sh'.)

    It is NOT Turkish. It is good Hungarian.

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    I think it has been borrowed from Turkish language. That means brother in Turkish.

    good luck

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    my family name is one of the alternative spellings...KARDAS, but sorry I don't know what it means.

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