Days of our lives???

What has been happening on Days of our lives last week?

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    Chelsea was brought in for questioning because her prints were on Claire's file. Shawn agreed to a paternity test to prove he's not the father of Claire.

    Steve and Billie kissed.

    Jack and Jennifer were abducted after trying to investigate Eve's murder case.

    Patrick just got arrested for Eve's murder (friday).

    Billie testifies for Bo at the divorce hearing, saying how he never stopped loving Hope and that she is the only love of Bo's life. Also explains what really happened when Hope "caught" them in bed together.

    Max dumped Chelsea.

    Sorry it jumped so much, I was trying to remember what has happened lately. Hope it helps.

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    As a BIG fan since 1970 something when my mom would watch the show and I was supposed to be "napping" --- I have found THE BEST website for all of my DOOL information.

    You will find daily summaries and even a PREVIEW of the next show which has not aired yet - I don't know where they get the information, but I love it. They also have other informative links about the show - with actors who are coming or going - it's just great.

    It's time for Shawn and Belle to get back together... :)

    Source(s): The Early Edition:
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    Go to and you can read all the recaps.....I seen some previews for next week and Jack and Jennifer are leaving and Shawn says that he is Claire's father. There is so much that happened and it would be easier for you to go and read the recaps.....and also sneak peeksl

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    Wow! Thats a real show. I thought it was just a made up thing that Joey starred in, in Friends. Was there really a Dr Drake Ramoray too?

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    well im not really sure but i think jack and jennifer are leaving town and claires paternity has been revealed

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