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Mexico sucks, why don't Mexicans just admit to that ?

Mexico sucks bad, the goverment is full of corruption, people make crap wages, its citizens is its top export, yet illegal Mexicans refuse to say their country sucks. They go as far as to wave the Mexican flag, while complaining about the way they get treated in America.

Why don't they just admit that Mexico sucks, and fix their goverment ?

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    then that would be admitting they are wrong, its that simple no one likes to admit they are wrong no matter what facts are present and no matter what everyone besides them can prove.

    with that said i for one would love for them to go back home and so call fix there problem instead of making it our problem here. they do nothing but ruin everone else homes after they done destroyed there own.

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      Thank you for an intelligent answer

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    The good judgment to that answer is carefully backwards. it relatively is like saying we are in a position to sparkling up the drug problem contained in the rustic via making all drugs criminal. That way the government can adjust them. as much as now as trip warm spots, between the justifications human beings like going to Mexico is for the substitute cost we are in a position to get there. in the event that they have been area of the U. S...POOF...which would be long previous. then you definately've the project of unlawful immigration coming from the useful u.s. international locations that border Mexico if Mexico have been to alter into area of the U. S.. So no, that does no longer be a sturdy thank you to sparkling up the project.

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    Maybe because you're hellbent on forcing them to do so instead of coming here and 'contaminating' your soil just by setting foot in this country. Maybe if more of us would stop being ignorant xenophobes, then they wouldn't have to complain about the way they were treated by someone like YOU. They also choose to come here so they can have a better life whether you like it or not. Besides, maybe the country wouldn't be in such sad shape if this country helped them out more instead of wasting money on a war that's over oil. I think they know that the conditions in Mexico suck, the don't refuse to say anything about that. Only when the immigration system undergoes major changes such as cutting out the red tape that has existed since the late '70s will be when illegal immigration stops.

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      Dude if youre american obviously you have no sense of security for our nation. Get the hell out, moron

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    Mexico sucks period. I live in LA so I know how this works. All of the cheap, dirty areas have been over filled with Mexicans and they turn these areas into Mexico, dirty and full of Toyota Previa van and Chevy Astro vans for their 13 kids. Now don't get me wrong, I am no race hatter, but come on, I am tired of these so called ant-racist tree huggers, when your city gets over run with 99 cent store and Wal-Mart shoppers maybe you will wake up....just maybe.

    We cater to these people way to much, how come I don't find German on signs or at Ralphs, why? Because this is the USA not Germany, that's why!

    This country is screwed and we all know it!

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      I agree with this and im latino.

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    Because then the rich wouldn't stay rich and poor would start complaining instead of stealing jobs in the US and sending the money back to the rich in Mexico.

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    Because they can voice their suffering here without being shot,and hopefully America will sympathize and give in.

    In their country it would take a civil war against a military backed corrupt government.

    They just weigh the options and we are the better choice.

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    Another stupid ignorant racist question.

    Mexican civilization reaches back much further than the US. The Aztec Civilization was the most impressive of it time. As witness by Spanish Conquerors.

    Why exclude Mexico? Mexicans bring a lot to the table. Home Boy. Sure things aren't perfect there furthermore the US is far from perfect. George W. Bush? enough said.

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    I am for anti-illegal immigration, but I don't think Mexico sucks as a country. Pay attention to GoKart's answer. You might learn something!

    edit: I just read the answer above me (Adolpho), and am moved by the pride this citizen of Mexico speaks of. Study that, and learn something about humanity, clone.

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    Look clone:

    Mexico does not have the fortune to have a better economy like yours due to years and years of opression of one party, of which just barely six years ago we have barely freed ourselves from. It is unfair to laugh at the clothes your brother is wearing, because you never know when you will be wearing them too, and no country or nation in the history of mankind has it made: Empires had fallen, and many former poor groups have risen to power, it's all a matter of moment and circumstance. today in 2006 the nation named USA is the world power, who knows in the future? I don't mean that I don't like the USA or that I want that to happen. What i think doesn't matter and history follows its own course.

    Mexico is a poor country, what else do you want me to do, bow down to you? accept your superiority and cry out that you are the boldest, migtiest, coolest, smartest of the both of us? i don't think so.

    "Is not my position in society that makes me well off, but my judgements, and these alone are my own. These I can carry with me and nobody can take them away."

    Do you know who said this?

    Marcus Aurelius, emperor and philosopher who knew that is not your status position or your possessions that give you human value but your internal value: your inherent human value as member of the human race. the rest is below human, contra reason: racism, which is based on a flawed logic, a fallacy, an aberration, and it's an absurdity. Racism is a inmoral position that chalenges the best values in our human nature and cheapens us as such.

    I am mexican, my nation is poor economically, and we have many chalenges but we are people, people with great history and traditions and people that like to live in peace. I am not responsable though for the presonal decison of those who have chosen to break laws to better their lifes, but I don't condemn them: hinger can make a man steal a peace of bread. And if a powerful medieval lord has game in his lands, don't you think that commoners, motivarted by hunger usually went to steal? Who was morally right, and who was unfair?

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    Agreed, most of Mexico sucks. There are a lot of places in America that suck too. Tucson, you know it's you! haha...

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    That's why they come here,but they are so entrenched in the Mexican traditions its difficult for them to remember that they are in American now.They were not happy in Mexico but they couldn't do anything about in the US some bleeding heart will speak up for them.

    As for Mexico its difficult to repair a country that is irreparably broken,but it seems the government of Mexico has no desire to do anything to help poor Mexicans except tell them how to get into the USA by illegal means.

    Then Shilo don't come to the US .No country wants to be like Mexico.

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