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what are the names of best night clubs in jamaica?

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    It really depends on what part of the island you're on... And don't listen to Ole Country Boy 'cause that's all he ol' country boy. Jamaica is a beautiful island and its people are some of the friendliest you'll come across. Unfortunately, a majority of the population is impoverished and resort to drugs and violence out of frustration and necessity since the government isn't the best, to say the least. The 'drug heads' Ole Country Boy' might be referring to are possibly Rastafarians, who smoke marijuana as a means to take them to a higher spiritual level and allow them to connect with God.

    I know PLENTY of Jamaicans who are not at all involved in any sort of drug use and actually shun it. There are many generalizations about the country, but they hold true only a small portion of the time. My husband, in fact, is Jamaican.

    My advice to you: Go to Jamaica for sure. Just keep your head on and use common sense while you're there. Umm, sorry I couldn't answer your question...

    If you go to Negril, check out Risky Business. They have great live music and cheap Red Stripe beer and Appleton rum.

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    Best depends on what you want in a night club, however i can give you popular. In Kingston: Quad, Asylum, in Negril: LoveBoat and The Jungle.

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    Margaritaville, Passa Passa n Assylum - Overall though Margartaville is da place 4 tourists it good. x 1 x

    Source(s): - Check it out and you will always want to go back - Trust x 1 x
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    Well there is Coral Cliff, Maguaritaville and Blue Beat. It's located in Montego Bay.And country boy wherever you are u dnt kno anything abt Jamaica so shut your dumb *** up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Smokie Joes, Puff Dooby, Rasta Fair and Rum 'n' Smoke

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    assylum, passa passa , half way tree umm... i can't remeber no more but them placs greatand don't listen tyo them i've been to jamaica and its a great experience yes u might have to becareful sumtimes like not to wear short skirts on the public busses but it grfeat nuthin beats jamaica aand the ppl nice.and the parties great.

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    Quad, Assylum,Marguaritaville, Jungle, well it all depends pon which paat a di island yuh de pon ,etc

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    Don't know, But don't go there , Its not very clean place and there is way to many drug heads>>>

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    peppermint park

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