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Dogs eating cat food over dog food!?

My one yr old beagle seems like our cats food over her own! Not sure why. She gets the moist dog food in the morning and loves that and she gets her own dry food during the day! But she pereres the cats food! Anyone know why this is? Her food and the cats food is the same size(small kibble size).


I think the dog food and the cat food smell the same to me! But she ejoys it. The cats don't like her eating it. I do have one cat that has tried eating the dog food and later puked it up! I guess she didn't like it very much!

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  • tom l
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    That is very common, cat food is much richer in protein than dog food. A little now and then will not hurt your dog in any way, but a steady diet of cat food would.

    Now you know where the phrase "Chow Hound" came from ;)


    Long time Beagle breeder

  • Anna
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    Dog eating Cat food & Cat eating Dog food.?

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    Dogs often prefer cat food (or will even eat cat poop) to dog food because…of the amount of crude protein.

    Cat food often has 30 to 40% crude protein where dog food can sometimes have only 20 to 30%. You should not let your dog eat the cat food as part of a regular diet.

    Each animal food offers special minerals & vitamins essential to the proper heath for a dog or cat’s diet.

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    Cat food is higher in protein that dog food. All my dogs would prefer the cat food to dog food. Even though it tends to give them diarrhea. I keep the cat food up high where the dogs can't reach it.

    Also try switching your dog to a good quality dog food. Look at the ingredients in the dog food. Is the first ingredient listed yellow corn? It should be some kind of meat, such as poultry or lamb. Like my vet told me, "Dogs are not vegetarians."

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    The previous person is correct about the protein and that is why your dog wants the cat food, more meat. Each type of food is specifically designed for the needs of the animal. Try putting the cat food up higher where your dog can't get to it.

    Hard food is always better for your pets teeth. Instead of soft in am and hard in pm try mixing a little soft in with the hard to make the hard more appetizing and so the soft is not a whole meal.

  • Anonymous
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    Hey if dogs eat cat food and cats eat dog food so why did they make dog food and cat food they made the dog food for dogs and cat food for cats so don't let your pets eat any other food not made for them.

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    She's eating it because she can.She is establishing dominance over the cats & will make sure she eats first.Try feeding them separately & in different areas away from eachother.If this don't work you'll have to try training your dog not to touch the cats dish.This can be done with a stern command of NO! I'm assuming that since your dog is a year old she has some sort of obedience training.I have six dogs & four cats & dinner time is quite an event.I feed them separately & in different rooms.Always use the same dish as they will treat it as their own & defend it.

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    Cat food does not have the vitamins or minerals that your dog needs and it can be very unhealthy for him. Do not let him eat cat food. They make cat and dog foods for a reason, different nutitional needs..sorry if I sound rude, I really did not mean too.

    Source(s): Worked in a vet hospital, and I rescue
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  • Anonymous
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    Cat food is not good for her - way too high in protein. Because cats generally like to nibble through out the day, it is best to find a different location to place the cat food where your dog can't get to it.

    Cat food seems to have greater smell and taste and dogs always prefer it once they get a taste of it. But, if she continues to eat it, she will get overweight and not get the proper nutrients meant for her. Good luck.

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