Do you Know Annette Luria should be in jail for hide a lot of money to the IRS?

Annette Luria got two bags full of money when her husband die dirty money, she never report it to the IRS and always when she is drunk make fun about it .

Annette Luria also park her car on the wrong parking place

Her son lost His leg and then she sue an innocent person and won after a long time

She was Drunk out of USA and admit and accept this:

She park the car on the wrong parking place.

After all the law in USA didnt work and the worses part is this:

There is an innocent person condemmed to pay money because this lier was so good making lies

She should go to Jail

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    1 decade ago
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    Press Release by Congressman Cummings

    ... is from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) -- it has been reproduced on this ... DORSEY, GILBERT I & ANNETTE M....

    IS1414, an Escherichia coli Insertion...

    ... routinely grown at 37°C on Luria-Bertani medium (33) except where noted otherwise. ... to the corresponding left-hand...

    e-Veritas, 03-18-04

    For more information, contact Annette Bringas at 305-284-3093. ... invite guests to attend The 12th Annual Luria lecture by...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do you deny that you should go to jail? What about all the "remodeling" you did to Julie and Tom's house, and the stuff down by the creek, and thought you get away with it cause they are away in Turkey til next year, plus what about the time you let Paul's dog loose? And likely the dog is still trying to get clear across the country back to where they used to live in Vermont. Oh yeah, Jack. Huh?

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  • Capt
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    1 decade ago

    I must say that I would tend to agree with coral_deo although coral seems to dance about the issue a bit. To cut to the chase, the simple answer is Yes...I know with an option of No... I didn't, a close rival. But admittedly Shemus Would brings interesting arguments both to the affirmative and the contrary....I HAD NO IDEA!!! And what with the price of tea in China it can only mean the sky IS falling!!

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