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育絃 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago





那… "shame on you"是啥意思?

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    1.我想問綠野仙蹤裡的"黃磚路""勇氣""頭腦""心""老虎""大熊"的英文?幫幫我… 2. 那… "shame on you"是啥意思? 1. I check the original "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (綠野仙蹤)" for you:Some scholars have asserted that the images and characters used by Baum and Denslow closely resembled political images that were well known in the 1890s. They state that Baum and Denslow did not simply invent the Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Yellow Brick Road (黃磚路), Silver Slippers, cyclone, monkeys, Emerald City, little people, Uncle Henry, passenger balloons, witches and the wizard.They built a story around them, added Dorothy, and added a series of lessons to the effect that everyone possesses the resources they need (such as brains, a heart and courage_頭腦、心和勇氣) if only they had self confidence.The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 2000, with a script by Joe Cascone (who was also the director) that was much more a tribute to the original book than to the 1939 movie version. Twenty-one new songs were written specifically for this production by James Patrick Doyle - they are now available on CD in a popular original cast recording released by Hungry Tiger (老虎) Press in 2000.The Oz story was cited as a major influence in the 1938 children's radio serial, The Cinnamon Bear.---> (Big) Bear_(大)熊2. 那… "shame on you"是啥意思? --->   你真是不知羞恥、寡廉鮮恥、(台語)沒見笑!

    Source(s): Henry周博博本人
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  • 1 decade ago

    黃磚路 Yello Brick Road

    勇氣 courage

    頭腦 brain

    心 heart

    老虎 tiger

    大熊 big bear

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