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Funeral mystery of man who lived life in public eye

STEVE IRWIN is everywhere at Beerwah, the Sunshine Coast town where his Australia Zoo is situated.

Billboard-sized images of the Crocodile Hunter's face, invariably contorted into an expression of utter astonishment, decorate most roads.

It is has been said that he lived his life in capital letters, but there has been nothing clear-cut about Irwin's private funeral service.

Not a skerrick of reliable information could be gleaned about the service, widely thought to have been held at the zoo on Saturday. Or yesterday. Or possibly this morning.

The decision by his family and friends to keep all details of the service secret has fuelled several contradictory rumours and news reports.

After Irwin's body was apparently transported from a Caloundra funeral home, Gregson and Weight, to the zoo at 2pm on Saturday, it was reported that it might have been buried on zoo grounds in the late afternoon.

Family members and close friends, including Irwin's manager, John Stainton, gathered afterwards for a barbecue before leaving the zoo together just after sunset. That had suggested that the barbecue was a wake.

However, when media yesterday sighted a marquee on private property at the back of the zoo, they speculated that a service could have been held that day.

But some wondered whether it had been set up for a separate ceremony for zoo staff. Mr Stainton told one journalist yesterday that reports of a Saturday funeral service were codswallop.

He told the Herald: "I can't comment on any details about the service. I'm just spending some time with the family this weekend, and we're really appreciating the chance to relax away from the public eye, where we can have some space to just be with each other."

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    星期六不最少量的可靠的資訊可能是點滴收集大約服務,廣泛地認為到有是把持在動物園. 昨天手術室. 早晨手術室可能地.


    於歐文的身體是顯然傳送從一Caloundra殯儀館, Gregson和重量, 到這動物園在2鉅在星期六, 它是據報告的那個它勢力有是埋葬在動物園地面在後期的下午.

    家庭會員和親友, 包括歐文的經理, 約翰Stainton, 聚集其後為了一烤肉野餐之前離開這動物園一齊在之後就日落. 那已建議烤肉野餐是醒的.


    但是某些想知道是否它已被裝作分開的典禮去動物園全體職員. 昨天茅利塔尼亞Stainton告訴報表的星期六葬體是胡言亂語的1個新聞工作者.

    他告訴使者: "我不能評論任何詳細資料大約服務. 我是正當開銷一段時間和這家庭這個週末, 和我們是真實appreciating這偶然發生慢慢治好從這公眾眼睛, 哪裡我們能還有些行間到正當是互相."

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