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what is the difference between merlow and pinot noir, chardonay and pinot grigio?

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    Merlot - Type of grape used to make Merlot wines; this is a red wine, not a very complex on the palate with medium tannins. Usually made from early harvested grapes.

    Pinot Noir- A red wine, MUCH more complex than a merlot with MANY different layers of taste (berries, oak, etc.); difficult to cultivate but if made well the wine will be smooth, not too "hot" and will have great structure. 'Michaud' winery makes a fantastic 2001 pinot noir.

    Chardonnay- White wine, made with grapes with green skin. Depending on how it is aged-- oak or steel gains much of its undertones and flavors. This wine can be fruity AND dry (fruity is not the same as "sweet").

    Pinot Grigio (or Pinot Gris)- White wine, much lighter, fruitier, and sweeter than Chardonnay. According to Wikipedia the grapes used to make this is a "mutant" Pinot Noir grape. The really good ones I've tasted have melon, pear, and oak undertones.

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    Sheesh....first of all lets start with spelling



    Pinot Noir

    Pinot Grigio

    The Merlot is a red wine. Flavorful but a dry wine.

    The Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are both light, white wines and can be dry, sweet or a middle of the two.

    Pinot Noir is not something I have had before so I can't comment on it.

    I drink white wine mostly in the summer (or the hotter months) and the reds in the winter (or the cooler months). Make sure you serve the wine in the correct glasses too...the red wine needs a bigger globe so it can breathe.

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    Merlow and Chardonay are going to be the most dry out of all of them.. then pinot noir.. and the piont grigio will be the sweetest (my fav) put some ice in a wine glass and pour it on top!! MMMMMMMM GOOD!!

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    The most different wine of all your choices is the Merlow that you speak of, I have never heard of this wine, who produces it, when will it mature, is a red or a white, does it age well, what size bottle or box does it come iin? I have lots of questions like that about this Merlow for I love to try new wines.

    I certainly hope you don't mean Merlot? Everyone knows about Merlot, what a boring wine, I want to try the new Merlow.

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    A good link to read about these wines (and some others) is listed below. This web site will tell you the aromas, flavors, country of orgin, and what foods go well with each of the wines you are interested in. I think it will answer your question.

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    I always get them mixed up. If you can rent a DVD by John Cleese called Wine for the Confused. Informative and funny if you like dry humor

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    They're all different types of wine.

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    are fruitier/sweeter and NOT so dry

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