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Scaring a tree into producing fruit?

Has anybody heard anything about this? I just heard about it today, from my sisters and my aunt, and to me it seems like the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Everybody I talked to about it seems surprised that I didn't know about it: if a tree isn't producing any fruit, you can threaten to cut it down, and that'll solve the problem. Apparently it also works if you talk nicely to it, but of course I'm the only one who's never heard of that either. With no amount of reasoning could I convince them that a plant has no understanding of what you say to it. It seems clear as day to them that any living thing can hear and understand. Anyway, has anybody else heard anything like this? I just thought my aunt was superstitious, but it seems to be "common knowledge" around here. They even claim that scientific research has proven it. Of course, I don't believe them; and a lot of scientists are idiots too. All I can say is, wow.

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    I think all living things respond to loving care and nurturing. HOWEVER, I really don't believe that you can scare a tree into producing fruit. If that were true my grandfather's peach tree would have produced some amazing fruit the last year. We were told that trees basically have on and off seasons. Also, it depends on if there are enough males and females of that breed of tree in the same vicinity as well as bees to help pollenate. (go ahead, laugh, but it is what we were told by some people at a nursery, or whatever they are called). Oh, and have you ever heard of this show called Mythbusters? It is a show on the discovery channel. They tested the "myth" that plants can hear you or react to you whether physically or telepathically. They got a reaction out of one plant but couldn't produce the same results in a sister plant, or any other living thing. They were running their experiment based on some scientific research done on the topic. They say that if you can't reproduce the reactions then it isn't science. Of course, they also do alot of other idiotic things that bring a laugh and a smile. I guess the only thing you can do is try it. Do a little myth busting of your own. :D

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    To understand language, my dear, you need a central nervous system and a brain. That about says it all.

    Stressing a plant will sometimes force it to overproduce as a kind of last reproductive gasp before dying. That's right, stress it, get production, kill it.

    Some fruit trees cycle: a good year, an off year. Sometimes, say if there is a long rainy period during bloom time, the bees can't get out to do their job and the blossoms don't get pollinated, hence little or no fruit that year. Love your trees and be patient.

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    I've heard that stressing a tree will force it to produce fruit. Used to have a Barlett pear which never produced fruit. Well, it got "Fire Blight" , a bacterial disease, and in the process produced a large crop of fruit that spring. The tree later died from the disease however. When I lived in Miami I heard again that damaging a tree forced it to produce fruit. Also, many years ago a botany professor spoke the following ditty: "Mon have woman, dog, and mango tree. The more he beat 'em, the better they be." Take it for what it's worth.

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    It's impossible, the closest thing that comes to that is playing music to plants CONTINUOUSLY. An occasional sound won't do; the plant must be subject to the stimuli for a much longer time. I believe it has been proven that continuously harsh sounds are actually detrimental to plants, as opposed to softer sweeter sounds. But again, the effect is not substantial.

    Though wearing some seductive lace lingerie, coupled with some enticing winks and the licking of lips has also been proven to be successful for getting yourself some fruit... Or was that for nuts... Hm

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    I've never heard of threating a tree to make it grow fruit before but i have heard that plant grow better to classical music then to hard rock. Im sure there is some one that you can call like a garden place to ask about your fruit tree and why its not producing any fruit. Good Luck

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    OK, this would take a very long time to cover everything..... but Yes plants do respond to "physical" stimulation. Horticuluralists have been experimenting with this for years... a fellow student I studied with did his thesis on exactly that.

    Think about it - plants are livng things they must have "feelings" as well.

    OK, next.... regarding getting a plant to "produce" ... you don't need to threaten it but just root prune. Grape growers root prune every year. By cutting the roots you make the plant feel it is going to die ( works really well for that stubborn Wisteria that keeps growing but will not flower) Same principle as dead heading... the plant has the flower but you want it to make more so cut off the flower....

    Look how plants lean towards light, perk up when you water them, wilt in the heat, dop their leaves when the seasons change....

    Come on, don't tell me plants aren't responsive to stimulation.

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    i hear talking to plants makes them grow, but that is because they use the carbon dioxide you are throwing out. never heard of threating a tree into giving fruit

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    O.K. this might sound just as weird, but it is called SHOCKING A TREE, It is when you take a bat of some kind and cover it in a soft material so it doesn't hurt the bark. Then you beat the poop out of a non productive fruit tree, or one that won't come out of winter dormancy.

    BUT, talking bad to a tree.........................AH, NO!!! that is just plain weird!...................well I still talk to my ex and he is kind of a vegetable I guess. NO it doesn't do any good either!

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    If you try this better make sure nobody is looking or you may find yourself in a white jacket taking a ride in a padded vehicle

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    hmmm... did you know talking to flowers work too

    perhaps a tree would do the same if you do so....

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