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how can i download free mp3 music off the net?

i bought a new mp3 player but i have no music on my computer and i don't buy music cds because they are expensive here in egypt.I tried many sites saying they download free music but when i try to download they ask me 4 my credit card number.I am just 19 and i don't have a credit card or any bank accounts .please tell me how to download (free) music off the net.thank u very much

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    Music has been a rich source of entertainment since the ages. It still continues to throb the hearts of many. In today’s advanced technological world there are many gadgets which are kept by the users with them always like I-pod, walkman etc. There was time of Cassettes, CDs, DVDs and now is the time of recording music in USB drives and listening to it at ur leisure time. Sometimes we need to buy music chores and sometimes we get it free from our friends or relatives. Internet is gaining ground everyday in everybody’s life. Life is, slowly, becoming incomplete without Internet. Internet is a rich source of music too. Your requirement can also be met from the following links provided these are surfed thoroughly and consciously. It provides music, paid and free, both. But why to buy when something is available free?

    Please visit the above links. All the above links will prove helpful to you.

    Caution: I would like to add that in reality nothing is free. One needs to pay something if not cash then in kind. Such sites which claim for distributing things free tend to send adware, spyware, malware or any other such thing which may prove harmful to computer or mobile phone. So your computer or mobile phone must be well equipped with some good quality Anti Virus Software like AVG, MCaffe etc, Anti spyware software, Anti Adware Software like Lava Soft etc. One may start getting un-necessary bulk mail. So while downloading be cautious of such things and adopt some precautionary measures in advance. I shall suggest you to read their privacy policy also.

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    LimeWire ( ), Is A Great P2P Program, After You Download The Basic Free Version From Their Site, Just Look For The Lastest Version LimeWire Pro Right On The LimeWire Program. It Will Be Faster And SpyWare Free, Make You That You Have A Good, Up-to-Date Anti Virus Protection Program, FireWall And SpyWare Protection.

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    MP3 Rocket.

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    try to google for it. the key words can be free MP3, download

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    you should get a peer2peer programme called limewire from . The basic version is free and so far its the best i know

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    Ares, Limewire are good sites.

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    try bearshare or limewire..just amke sure when you pick a song to dwnld it is in mp3 format

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