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Zombie W asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

((急)) 以下幾句中翻英請幫忙~~公司規模多大.....

請各位幫幫忙下列幾句中文請翻成英文全部都是問句照自己意思翻沒有關係意思只要相近就可以了1. 公司規模多大?成立多久時間?2. 一個月出貨量為多少?3. 有哪些主要客戶?4. 在國外是否有設立廠房?5. 出貨有無最小訂購量的限制?交期多久?6. 產品檢測是採取全部檢查或是抽檢?


7. 公司的產業特性為何?

Update 2:

8. 量多少會轉至國外生產?

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  • 旋律
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    1 decade ago
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    . 公司規模多大?成立多久時間?

    What is your company profile ? When has it founded ?

    2. 一個月出貨量為多少?

    What is the productivity of your company ?

    3. 有哪些主要客戶?

    Who are your major customers ?

    4. 在國外是否有設立廠房?

    Do you have overseas affiliated manufactories ?

    5. 出貨有無最小訂購量的限制?交期多久?

    Do you have the requirement of minimum quantity per order ? How long is your delivery lead time ?

    6. 產品檢測是採取全部檢查或是抽檢?

    What is your quality control method ? by 100% sorting or by random inspecting ?

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. How large is company's scale ? How long to establish?

    2. What is production in one month?

    3. Which main customers are there?

    4. Set up the factory building abroad?

    5. Produce the restriction with minimum order amount of the goods? How long to hand in one?

    6. Is it adopted and all checked or inspected by random samples that the products are measured ?

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