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omg wat should i do?

i have a speech torrow and i think am goin to throw up am goin to sound soo stuipd and i just can do it wat should i do

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    There are several things to do when you are going to stand up in front of ppl. 1. hold your finger tips together. Together I mean in front of your body, waist level, relaxed where they are just touching fingers can be bent a little.. and you can raise them or lower as you feel comfortable to do so. This allows the energy in your body to flow smoother thus helping you relax. When you open your hands where the palms show to your audience your life energy is spreading to the group. Hope you get the jest!

    2. Remember to deep breath before and at times during the speech.

    3. Hold the image in your mind of the notes you have prepared while allowing your eyes to look over the audiance.

    4. You have something to share and others what the inf. so think of the one person you know enjoys hearing what you have to say and think of speaking to her. Good luck!

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    Ok, tonight practice the speech a lot, alone and in front of a supportive friend or family member. Tomorrow, don't have too much caffeine -- it'll make you jittery. While you're waiting to go up there, do this relaxation technique: tighten up each muscle group in your body, one by one, then relax them. It'll help get rid of physical tension. Before you start your speech, make eye contact with a few members of the audience and smile at them, maybe even exchange a few friendly words -- that way you'll feel you have allies out there. During the speech, smile, speak more slowly than you think you should, and if you make a mistake, laugh it off and keep going. Everyone in the audience has had to do the same thing at least once in their lives, and everyone knows how tough it can be. Courage -- you'll do great!

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    Take a deep breath first of all. Second know your speech really well. If you know what you are talking about you can be confident!

    Be prepared and take 10 really deep breaths before going in front of your audience.

    Also don't look at everyone, find a person and focus on them or a spot in the room to calm yourself. Once you get a bit more confortable you can start looking around.

    RELAX! You will do great!

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    you should make sure you are fully prepared then you should practice in front of a mirror several times... you should come in and be confident and stand with your legs slightly bent so that if you do in fact start to get worked up the blood flow is not constricted by locked knees that is what many times causes people to pass out and last you should imagine everyone in the audience has on underwear that will ensure that you have a nice smile on your face the whole time :) don't sweat and and good WILL be just fine I've done it too many times to count and have lived to tell about it

    again good luck.

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    Have you prepared your speech? Practice it in front of your family. Several times. Try practicing it in front of some friends, or even neighbors. They might even have some suggestions you can use to grab peoples' interest. The more you practice, the better prepared you'll be, and the less afraid of stage fright and/or barfing. Good luck!

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    You are making this harder then it will be. I am not good talking in front of groups, but every month I have a meeting with about 20 or so people. I don't focus on them at all - that will make you nervous. Just think about what you are presenting and give it your all. You will do fine!!!

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    Tell a joke first and relax with the audience tomorrow. Then pretend you look out and everyone is in their underpants but you. Stand up straight and keep smiling!

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    Just remember that its just a bunch of people just like you sitting there that want to hear what you have to say...just like you would be in an audience. only eat something small and light before hand, carry a lucky charm in a pocket that you can touch for reassurance, and when you look at your audience, just look at people's hair or the wall behind them. i'll be pullin' for ya!! you can do it.

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    This may sound weird but it works. Go ahead and throw-up, then put rocks in your shoes. The pain will help you focas on the task at hand.

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    just calm down and realize that its only a small amount of time you have to talk and it will be over before you know it.

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