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what is up with iran and nuclear weapons?

can someone tell me the gist of what is happenning around the world right now??

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    Sure I will try to help you out on this.

    First let me note: Only Bush, Bolin, Rumsfeld, and Cheney have mentioned nuclear weapons. Iran has repeatedly said for energy only not weapons.

    In summary, Iran is a member of the NPT, nuclear proliferation treaty, which gives its members the right to research, investigate or develop nuclear energy as long as they comply with certain rules. Some of those rules involve allowing inspectors full access to all research labs, processing plants, etc...basically anywhere they want to go.

    With this authority, Iran announced it would like to being enriching uranium for energy purposes in order to expand its economy. Following this announcement, the western countries basically freaked and has been trying everything possible to prevent this.

    Now with that said, I do understand why the UN and USA would fear Iran with nuclear capability due to their ties with Syria that continually supplies Hezbollah arms and weaponry.

    The world is very nervous about this to put it lightly.

    So, the UN came up with a resolution to solve the issue that in part, had a section where Russia was offering to let Iran use their facilities to get the uranium byproduct necessary for nuclear energy. This way Iran did not actually have to be able to enrich uranium.

    Iran so far as voided that resolution and submitted their own, of which the details have not fully been released. I do know that in part it says they refuse to stop seeking the ability to enrich uranium... but I don't know what else it says.

    So that is where we are at now... talks are still in the process and the UN is considering sanctions against Iran if they do not compromise.

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    Iran is building a nuclear complex to produce nuclear energy. Unfortunately in the process they are determined to enrich Uranium (not necessary for energy) which has only one use, namely, nuclear weapons. Needless to say this makes Israel quite anxious and the West, in general, don't want to see it either.

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    I think every body should respect the peoples ideas all over the world and not raising problems to the other countries like Iran.

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    Iran is enriching uranium , supposedly for electrical generation .

    They are using P-1 and P-2 centrifuges which can produce weapons grade material .

    They won't let international inspecters in , which raises concern about their intentions .

    Their President is on record as saying Isreal must be destroyed .

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    The US thinks Iran has them, or is developing them. Most other countries have said Iran shouldn't develop them. Iran says it's not developing them, but the US refuses to take their word for it.

    So, it comes down to whether the US is going to unilaterally and preemptively invade a middle eastern country, and topple the govt there, based on the unverified belief that the country might be developing such weapons.

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    Whatever it is, it will never be as bad as W and his cronies paint it to be.

    Now that all our suspicions are confirmed that they have been lying about everything, you can be sure that what they say about Iran is not true either.

    They are another soveriegn country that is butting heads with the fascicts that rule the US. I can't blame them a bit. Until it is proven that they have actualy done anything besides retoric against the US, I say leave them alone!

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    welp, they have a nuclear program. they say it is peaceful - like the program Bush pushes. Bush says, 'no, you want to blow things up'. Iran says, 'no, you are hypocritical'. IAEMA or whatever the acronym is, says Iran is ten years away from making a nuclear missile. Bush says, 'no, they are two years away'. Everyone else says, 'lets talk'.

    Iran says, 'ok - nevermind - okay - nevermind - ' and that is where we are.

    We'll probably invade

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    Prolly USA has accused another country of possessing weapons of mass destruction. They'll be attacking Iran next, since they are geographically convenient to their last attack location.

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    The end is coming

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    they want them and they are crazy

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