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Which is the better iron???

Farouk Chi or Corioliss? i'm looking for a good quality flat iron and they both seem like good candidates. one of the brands also has a wet/dry iron where it can flat iron wet hair dry. what is better... 1" or 1.5" or 2"?

your thoughts, please.

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    I just recently bought the Corioliss and to me it seems better because of the fact that it has 100% ceramic and the chi has 80%...You decide :)

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    i have the wet 2 straight straightner and it is awesome! i L♥VE it! they r pretty cheap 2 only like $20 at walmart. get the biggest 1. i dont think the wet 2 straight straightners work very good when ur hair is wet tho. i always dry my hair b4 i use it.

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    I use to have the same debate...I finally bought the SOLIA

    Ceramic 1.5 inches; it is great and more affordable!!!

    As for drying your hair with the wet/dry....hum...I'd rather blow it out than fry it that way!!

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    Chi is very popular, we use it at school.

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