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How can someone be tried in court for something where first of all they were doing "good deeds"?

SHAC7 are 6 activists and a corporation, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA Inc., that have been found guilty of multiple federal felonies for their alleged role in simply campaigning to close down the notorious animal testing lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences. They are not accused of actually smashing windows, liberating animals or even attending demonstrations, rather reporting on and ecouraging others to engage in legal demonstrations and supporting the ideology of direct action. " ~ from the website


Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is a contract animal-testing company founded in 1952 in England, now with facilities in Huntingdon Cambridgeshire and Eye, Suffolk in the United Kingdom New Jersey in the United States and Japan The largest such commercial operation in Europe it conducts tests on around 75,000 animals every year - mostly rats but also 750 dogs and 190 primates - testing pharmaceutical products, agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals....


Ok we got ONE IDIOT CLOWN ANSWERER... who shot in an answer... sometimes I wonder like that song states, where did all the good people of the world go?

If the world population was comprised of the people who seemingly come in-to rudely answer my very important questions which relate to VITAL FREEDOMS which effect us all...well let's just say we'd be in a hellish world....

but this is a serious issue people are going thru HELL because of the RUDENESS of certain people. Why is it so hard for people to admit their wrongs? I admitted my wrongs check it out ...


Update 2:

I may be an idiot clown for other reason as well...namely because I can not get people like you to realize that those "rodents" are just as equal of a a life, as far as VALUE of 1=1


Update 3:

Would you want to be involuntarilly experimented on?

Are you for real ? I mean you can not really expect to "win" with your attitude. What do you expect?

I support the actions of the SHAC7 according to what you posted on the site, you see they themselves still did nothing and it was OTHERS who did stuff that would be construed as borderline violence, and from what you wrote it is inconclusive as to what the SHAC7 had to do with any REAL ACTION, as they are not being charged with such.

Do I support the actions of the actual people who did actions, well to answer that I would need more information on just exactly went on...many of these people are HEROS of the universe and they will be lifted up as such, I am not talking about "violent" actions I am speaking about DEFENSE, you know like the "pentagon"*~ and what it is suppossed to be doing....

Update 4:

animal testing is not a necessary "evil" as one commenter calls it.... animal testing of an involuntary nature will I predict BACKFIRE on man and well I think man will get a what do they say across the isle? A "brunt load"

There are many other ways to test things,

non-vegan mindsets are not appropriate.... either are mindsets of people who think they are "vegan" when they advocate neutering/spaying which is obviously not vegan

Update 5:

Look I myself once did "not get it" I grew up in a non-vegan world, it would be like telling a SLAVE OWNER out of the blue that he is wrong to own slaves, because of the "faulty lifestyle" that the slave owner had been living. If someone told me in Highschool that animal testing is wrong I would have not been evolved enough to understand, I would have been in a brainwashed world.

I am a kid who RECALLs "alternate paths" and in alternate paths I personally recall doing ANIMAL TESTING, there was something wrong with my train of thought, I had that "evil" from that guy's statement in it....... it was not necessary... and well I was wrong to do those "vivisections" or whatever teh hell I was doing with MATRICES on mouses backs... I am being honest.. and it was not "this life" that I am talking about, and it was NOT DREAMS either, it was real... I doubt many people will read this and comprehend this and well I have already exhausted myself trying to send letters and emails to others .

Update 6:

According to their website they were given sentences, but they are appealing. I do not know what that DEE DUDE is saying but I hope he has a hopeful mindset from the underground.

Update 7:

I believe in a defense program which treats each life as an equal. At what stage is the program in? I do not know... thanks DEE DUDE, seriously fro saying what you said about "temper" my response... sometimes I just feel like going all out, I mean knowing even all too well how I was attacked myself in this life by man, where and to teh point of being able to identify with a helpless creatures more than a certain others... seemingly..... I mean as I think I alreaday said ~ I woke up to compassion before I was ever attacked, just to be clear that it was not their "prods" and such of putting me in a position like other creatures who man abuses.. not that there would have been anything wrong with me waking up to veganism in that way, but well so as to say..... I do believe in a method for "awakening" people where force does not have to be used in a lot of cases.... but at teh end of teh day "defence" is defence....

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    You should be complimented on your passion in this area. However, temper your responses to others who demonstrate such dispassionate 'answers'.

    To be blunt no organization will be indited for organizing anything. I only wish I had more details.

    Drive on brother/sister.

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    There's a difference between campaigning to close a place down

    and encouraging others to break the law. Aside from the fact that animal testing is a necessary evil,we all have to abide by the same rules. No free passes for good intentions.

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    From what I understand, these people incited threats and terrorized persons--that's what they were evidently tried and convicted of.

    According to UK's The Times, these are the "good deeds" of which you speak:

    Many [employees of the lab] had their homes vandalised and received thousands of threatening e-mails, faxes and phone calls. Demonstrations were held outside their homes, during which protesters waved photos of mutilated animals and shouted abuse.

    One woman received an e-mail threatening that her seven-year-old son would be cut open and filled with poison. A man was showered with glass when the windows of his home were smashed by activists who overturned his wife’s car.

    "Instead of being accused of directly making threats or carrying out vandalism, the six were charged with inciting others to commit harassment, along with multiple counts of animal-enterprise terrorism, conspiracy and interstate stalking."

    Sounds to me like these b*&^%s actively sought and earned their sentences. And in the end, what point did it serve?

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    Sounds like a personal problem to me. You do the crime, you do the time.

    UPDATE: I may be an idiot clown, but with all due respect, I didn't go to jail over a bunch of fuzzy rodents.

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    Your views of your intentions mean NOTHING in the law. The only thing the law controls is behavior. Your behavior breaks the law & unless you are legally insane, you pay the price.

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    There's obviously more to this "encouraging others" -- let me guess, conspiracy to commit felonies, aiding and abetting. Violence probably ensued. Let me guess more specifically - conspiracy to commit, arson, felonious assault, battery.

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    ooooh... this is a RHETORICAL question...

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