How can I provide a SWOT analysis of a virtual company?


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    A SWOT analysis for any company will comprise the same basic points of analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A virtual company, though, will have strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are unique to it, due to the nature of its operations. For example, it has the opportunity of capturing a market that firms which do not specialize in e-commerce cannot capture. A threat might be competitors who are engaged in offering the same product (good/service) as the firm. A strength may be that it has good publicity or that its customer service is top-notch. Conversely, a weakness could be that customer support services are lacking and this reduces client retention.

    To find more of these SWOTs, compare a virtual company to a real one. Some of their SWOTs are the same. Then try to identify what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats are unique to a virtual company by merit of its being virtual.

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    You must be a little more specific. The SWOT analysis applies to any company wether you are selling apples and ornages or just selling adds in the internet. All companies have Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportuunities and Threats.

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    If you have an idea of what this company produces, then yes you can provide a SWOT. Even if the company has no real competitors, you can imagine that the company is competing against itself or a resistant marketplace.

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    What is the purpose of your SWOT analysis - competition, acquisition, ?

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    Why don't you "SWOT" a couple of ecommerce companies and then combine them for your 'virtual' company. All of them have the same exposures.

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