I am from India, Does anybody know about employers that hire Indians for Alaska fishing jobs?

I am from India, Does anybody know about employers that hire Indians for Alaska fishing jobs?

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    No where near half of the commercial fisherman die, but it is hard, dangerous, difficult work.

    The state of Alaska has a website dedicated to recruiting and informing people about commercial fishing jobs:


    There also is a notice on the website that the state of Alaska does not assist foreign nationals in obtaining employment.

    Most of my family up there have been in the commercial fishing industry. Most of them made about as much money as I do as an Engineer. However, they work 10x harder for it than I do (and if there are bad times, I make the same amount of money...they get nothing).

    I'd recommend another line of work. However, if your heart is set on being a fisherman, look for a job off of the state of Alaska website. If you are legal to work in the US, you can also go to Alaska and work in a fish processign plant (what is called a slime line). This is about the worst job imaginable, but you'll be in Alaska and if there are any leads for boat work, you can jump on them immediately.

    Living in Alaska is very expensive and there is little good paying work. If you decide to go, I'd make sure you have a way back home; be prepared in case you can't "make it" there).

    One more thing. Working on the fishing boats...you are usually paid a percentage (half of what others make when you first start). You are "exempt" and federal minimum wage laws do not apply to the boat crews. If you have a bad season, you don't get paid.

    Best of luck to you!!

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    Fishing Jobs In Alaska Hiring

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    I have worked for the Alaska railroad for 11 years. When I hired on, I wanted to see more of my state. I never thought it would be my career. The railroad hires about anyone who is healthy, can pass a drug test and pursues the position. Track workers start at 16 an hour with 85 $ per Diem. Working on the gangs is a lot of fun and hard work in the middle of nowhere. Working on a section crew is a lot less overtime, but that leaves you time for the fun stuff. Most of the foremen are outdoors men who work hard , shoot strait, and love hunting and fishing. There is a little of the normal big company b s , but the farther you get from the city, the less that is. They allow college students to take off in August and return in May. For an all round good Alaska experience with good guarantied pay, I would highly recommend it. Google it and jump through the hoops. I have no idea what they are. Commercial fishing is a very unpredictable job. If it goes well, you can make 30k or more in a summer. There are three variables. fish prices which fluctuate a lot. Fish quantities which fluctuate a lot. And your skipper's ability, safety, and work ethic which is for you a crapshoot. I wouldn't go on to any big processing boats. Starting out you want get on to any big money boats. 4% of gross is about normal for a new deckhand. Like I said 30 k would be a good estimate if everything went fairly good. The only thing about the work aspect is that when there is an opener , you fish. So you might have to work for a few days without any real sleep. Recreational guide fishing is a lot more low key, and less pay. Lodges hire sport fishermen to take clients out fishing each day. The lodge provides all expense, very good food and a bunk. They are in the wilderness, and may have several kidds working in various cooking to mechanicing type positions. This would also be a very enjoyable summer. A lot of the clients are rich, so they tip quite well. For this, I would just start looking up different fishing lodges and calling them up. Whatever you do , do it quick,look to be in Alaska woking by May. I do have some connections in any of these fields, so email if you want. Good luck

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    the fishing season is short and very, very dangerous in alaska... half of the people who go out die... but i would think that anyone with the physical capability would be able to get the job...

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