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裡面有幾句歌詞是you got you got...再副歌裡 唱的很頻繁

最後好像是甚麼control yourself









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  • 1 decade ago
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    歌手 LL Cool J feat. Jennifer Lopez 歌名 Control Myself


    [Jennifer Lopez:]No me puedo controlarAqui con el Se隳r LL Cool JY aqui estoy... ya tu sabesUno, dos, tres, muevete![Jermaine Dupri:]Ya'll know what this is...So...So...Def![Verse 1:][LL Cool J:]The club was far from emptyIt was crowded at the entry (Woo!)I slide right through like how I doThis girl began to tempt me (Uh-huh!)She said her name ShayeedaI could tell her mama feed her (Yeah!)When they tight and thick them jeans don't fitI'm L, nice to meet ya (Uh-oh!)I could feel my body yearningThe room just started turningDidn't want to go out on the floorbut this girl was so determinedMy brain began to sizzleI'm sweatin' just a littleOn the dance floor in the middleShe turned around and giggleShe said[Chorus:][Jennifer Lopez:]You got, you got, you gotwhat it takes to make me leave my man[LL Cool J:]It's hard to control myself (Aww!)It's hard to control myselfYou got, you got, you gotWhat it takes to make this boy be bad (Be bad)It's hard to control myselfIt's hard to control myself[Jennifer Lopez:]It's hard for me to control myself (Me too)and to hold myself back from jumpin' on yalike I wanna, like I wanna, wanna[Verse 2:][LL Cool J:]Temptation is a motherHow we lust for one another (Yeah)We barely know each otherYet we're waddling like we're loversThe air is full of passionThe strobe lights are flashin'The hustlers throw cashin'The bartender keeps splashin'Her moves were so eroticHer gaze was so hypnoticI begged this girl to stop itBut she continued to pop it[Both:]You know I know you like itLet me hit you on your SidekickBecause the afterparty is at my bodyMeet me you're invited[LL Cool J:]She said[Chorus:][Jennifer Lopez:]You got, you got, you gotwhat it takes to make me leave my man

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    沒有中文歌詞耶 找沒有 !

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