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Our results also suggest that In deterministic situations, people make decisions involving time losses in a manner consistent with the convex loss function proposed by prospect theory.

However, in decision making under conditions of risk, people seem to make risk-averse choices with respect to decisions in the domain of time in contrast to the risk-seeking behavior often found with respect to decisions involving losses of money.

We discuss the nonfungibility of time as an explanation for the discrepancy between dicisions involving time and those involving money.

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    我們的研究結果得到, 在決定論的情境下, 人們在作決定時所損失的時間在某些程度上與 前景理論中所提出的"convex loss function" 是一致的.

    然而, 在有風險的情況下要作決定時,對照於有可能損失金錢 的冒險行動所作的決定, 人們通常比較會在損失時間的考量上作出避開風險的選擇.


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