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    I am afriad that we have some discrepany between congnition in some ways:

    Please be inform that our requirement as follows:

    ~Construction plot for Barrel and marked with measurement~

    Since we require Barral for the lenses design in our comapny,

    if there is no Barral designing from you, we could also provide with design service.

    If so, we well take all the procedure from the Barrel design to lenses handling.

    In case of this offer was acceptable by your company,we will paint the sketch within these few days and present it for your reference.Thanks for your kindly attention!

    Source(s): my trans.
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    I thought in our some cognition the difference

    I take charge of the condition which needs am: Barrel constructional drawing,

    and size sign note in above. Because I take charge of the lens design to need Barrel to be able to design. If the expensive department does not have Barrel to design, I take charge of also have provide the design service, then designs from Barrel to the lens the department processes for my company.

    If the expensive department may accept, then I will take charge of can in draw up , and will provide for the expensive department refers. Thanks.

    Source(s): 自己 - 有些遗漏,只供参考。
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