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男的 asked in 科學工程學 · 1 decade ago

what is mean MLC in PCB 製程

what is mean MLC ( multi-layer ceramic ) in PCB process? Please help me to explain or if you also know about MLO ( multi-layer organic ) please help me both! If you can tell me where have these process vender in local or other country, I just can say 3Q very much!!!!!!!!

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    請在 Google 查詢 embedded capacitor 就可以找到相關資料.目前在無線領域有兩個線路小型化的solution. 一個是LTCC( Low temperature co-fired capacitor), 它是把一些陶瓷元件共燒在一陶瓷基板裡,另一個是embedded components, 主要是把被動元件埋在PCB裡面,如附圖.Embedded Component 的原料供應商有3M(塑膠電容), Dupont(陶瓷電容);而國內的欣興,日月光,旭德都有在開發,埋入式陶瓷電容的技術仍未成熟,產品的可靠度仍有問題.因為PCB領域的人閉門造車,且對元件製程不夠透徹的緣故.


    2006-09-16 23:42:00 補充:

    LTCC是Low temperature co-fired ceramic才對,sorry.

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