Who should I start, Steven Jackson, Ahman Green, Jamal Lewis, Edgerin James, Warrick Dunn?

I've got great running backs and I can start three of them, they all did really well in week one, who to pick.

Steven Jackson- He should kill the 9ers defense if they decide to run the ball, it's easy to throw on them too ya know!

Ahman Green- Even with Green Bay not getting in the inzone, he put up over 130 all purpose yards. How is NO's run defense?

Jamal Lewis- Good game under what appears to be a much improved offense. Slightly injured, questionable infact, but that Raiders defense can't stop the run to save their lives!

Edgerin James- Looked ok last week, didn't use him much against SF's pass weak defense but got decent yards and a TD. On the road at a Seattle team that has got to be po'd about last week.

Warrick Dunn- Yet another back that had a great game but no TD's, up against a tougher Tampa defense this week though.

Open to suggestions, I need every point this week!

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    Warrick Dunn should be your starter, Jackson your back-up. James doesn't look like he'll have a great season this year.

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    Steven Jackson is the one definite lock for EVERY week. He will get you running yards, receiving yards, and touchdowns. He's a great young player who should blossom in the post Mike Martz era (ie throw the ball every damn play). Yes, he didn't get any touchdowns last week as the Rams struggled in the red zone, but he will be used at the goal line and you got to think the Rams will score some TDs against the 49ers.

    For this week I would definitely start Jamal Lewis too. He had a great game against a solid (albiet aging) D in the Bucs. The Raiders run D has more holes than swiss cheese, so he should do even better this week. However keep a eye on him for the rest of the season as his best years are definitely behind him.

    For the last starting spot, don't pick Warrick Dunn this week. He will never score many TDs as the Falcons will use TJ Duckett at the goal line. Don't expect many yards from him this week as Tampa's D destroys Vick and Co. every single year. Some teams just have other teams' number and Tampa has Atlanta's number.

    Between the last two, it's basically a toss up and you have two pretty good guys to choose from (though James may end up being considered a bit of bust given how high of a pick he was). I'd start Green because I don't think James will do much against Seattle. Arizona's offensive outporing last week was more of a result of the 49ers pathetic D than anything else. I don't think James will come close to the numbers he posted with the Colts as the Cards have too many issues on the offensive line. I might even look to trade James (while his value is still around that of a first round pick) because you have plenty of good RBs.

    Hope this helps.



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    Ahman Green Machine Baby!

    The pack will get it together and beat the Bears on the last game of the season as well. Go freakin blow yourself Uryucker!

    No offense to the person with the question

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    Ahman Green

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    I'd start Dunn and james

    but I expect Stephen Jackson to have a breakout year

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    Lewis and Dunn


    Jackson- 49ers will have a surprisingly good game defensively and bulger will be forced to pass more, did you see what they did vs. Arizona? If you did, you will believe me.

    James- Not shown me much yet.

    Green- come on, packers???

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    I would go with Steven Jackson.

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    I would start James.

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