Is United States still a Christan Nation?why or why not?

Stand you position.

Please don't be offended by this qustion.

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    When I talked about missionaries to India, they say, "What are you going to teach us? How to divorce our wives and drink whiskey and carry on the way you all do, and call yourself a Christian nation?" They don't do that over there you know. We call ourself a Christian nation. We're no more Christian nation than any of the rest of them are. Well, them "heathens" in Africa could teach us morals, how to live. What difference does it make how much you live in this nation? But in here where we're trying to make and govern this country as a nation, because being a Christian nation, but the name of Christian nation doesn't make it a Christian nation. And American is not more really America; it's not no more a Christian nation; it's a woman's nation. What happened to the woman? Oh, God be merciful to this backslidden hypocritical nation, calling itself a Christian nation and living in tommyrot and sin like that. If God would let us go without punishment, He'd be an unjust God. Weighed in the balance and found wanting, a Christian nation, rock-and-roll, all this ungodly stuff that we're having...And great men has crossed this nation, Billy Graham, and Oral Roberts, and A. A. Allen, and William Branham and many great ministers with great gifts, and they shook it before their eyes, and they set like they are paralyzed, spiritually paralyzed. I don't care where it is; it's sin, and it's wrong, and we a Christian nation, visiting our neighbors like that, with our lodges and so forth, and carrying on in such a disgrace as that. We are a Christian nation, and billions are sent to those people over there, that we're trying to buy their friendship. If we are a Christian nation, let's call God on the scene. It's the only one that can prove that their Founder still lives. Did you know that? We're supposed to be a Christian nation. That don't make it Christianity. We're a long ways from being a Christian nation. We're no Christian nation, no, sir. There's Christians in this nation, but it's not Christian nation. Now, what's the strange thing to me, that a woman that don't know right and left hand, and as soon as Christ comes to her heart she realizes she's naked, and she will try to hide herself; and we, who are supposed to be a Christian nation, continually taking it off. And looks to me like, if we live in a Christian nation, that ought not be permitted even. And then we call ourself a Christian nation. Such things as we have today, a Christian nation, oh, what a thing. God, be merciful. If American people who claim to be a Christian nation, what if all we who claim to be Christians would accept God's gift that He sent to us, the Holy Ghost? We call ourself a Christian nation, call our people Christian people. t's too bad that denominations and things has twisted us in such a condition, as we're all out of form today, and no man knows hardly what to believe. Oh, my. Evil in our own nation, supposed to be a Christian nation, what a poor example we are, of Christians. The showdown is on. Oh, what a safety it would be, how much greater it would be than all the bomb shelters and all the places we could think of, if this nation, which is called a Christian nation, could accept the gift of God that's been given to it: the great Holy Spirit poured out in this last day. Now, the spirit of America, it's supposed to be a Christian nation, but the spirit of this nation is not Christian. It might be called a Christian nation, but it's a million miles from it in characteristic. And I'm wondering that how that we in America call ourself a Christian nation, and in the Presence of God; and each year we, our women, take off more. I think today what's got so many divorce cases now, that we lead the world in America, in divorce cases; we lead the rest of the world.

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    The US has never been a Christian nation. It is a secular state with religious influences in its code of laws, founded by deists. The governent is prohibited from establishing a state religion of ANY kind. To state "America is a Christian nation" is to declare it a theocracy or a theocratic republic, and this is NOT the case. There is no state-recognized church.

    A building containing hamburgers, shakes, and french fries is not necessarily a MacDonalds.

    A country containing Christians is not necessarily a Christian nation.

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    It never was.

    During John Adams' administration the Senate ratified the Treaty of Peace and Friendship, which states in Article XI that "the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion."

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    NOPE it is not a Christian Nation. It may have been founded on God but now it is paving the way straight to hell for lots of people. This great America that I live in has become a great Whore!

    I am not muslim but at least they know modesty! You can tell if someone is muslim from everybody else.

    You can't do that with Christians, Because most of them look just like the sinners.

    I thought we christians were supposed to " ..Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord..?" and I thought we were supposed to be a "..a peculiar people.."

    If christian's can't tell one from the other, how is the world gonna tell us apart from them?

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  • Anonymous
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    No it isn't. The government is essentially the nation in my opinion because the nation is defined by its laws and in our case the constitution. The constitution specifies that there be a separation of church and state. Therefore, I would conclude that the US is not a religious entity.

    I wasn't offended by your question.

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    It depends on the meaning of Christian, but being a free nation every religion or none believer has the same rights to live life their way

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    mostly, but the nation will never be fully because that's not what america is's about being free and for you're religion, speech, and a thousand other things so really no america is not a christian nation and will never be at least for as long as i live here. i'm Wiccan, proud to be one and if anyone has a problem with just e-mail me

  • Zhimbo
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    1 decade ago

    The U.S. was never a Christian nation in the sense of being a theocracy.

    The U.S. has always been and remains a Christian nation in the sense that the majority religion is Christian.

    If you mean, do the actions of the U.S. reflect Christian morality, then I'd say no: it has spread needless death and sponsored torture.

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    US is a secular country while its majority of its citizen are christians.US is not a religion based country.So its laws and regulations are not in line with Bible. as a compulsory.US bank note stated believe in God,but it is not an evidence for a religion country.Us is a federal country which has 2 types parliament. and has a president who is the head of state and the head of government .

  • jusme
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    Sadly the United States has more Christians than most any nation yet we vote for people with non-christian values. Therefore we are becoming less and less a christian nation.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The United States is a secular country--get over it.

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