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Please watch the following clip about how well a terrorist would have had to fly on 9/11 and what do u think?

I know it is only a simulator but I find it very hard to believe the could have pulled this off.

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    I've spent several hours this morning looking at the 9/11 conspiracy section of youtube ( and it's pretty convincing stuff. I don't now believe that they were commercial airplanes which went into the WTCs and although people might think I've gone stark staring bonkers, spend a little time watching them and you have to start doubting what the press and the government, particularly in the US, want people to believe. They suggest it's all about giving the government more power over the individuals and taking more and more of their liberties away without them even realising it.

    keep an open mind people and go watch, if you haven't already, and THEN decide. It'll blow you away I promise you ... and sorry, bad pun. :(

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    That is mental, where did you find this? The pilots were fully trained in America, they were not just random hijackers. 9/11 was planned for years and the US administration / intelligence (ha!) knew about it also. They let it happen as it was the only way they could feasibly go to war with the middle east/Saddam/Bin Laden without violating UN agreements, even though it has been proved that the war is illegal.

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    They pulled it off because they trained as pilots i don't care if this is a simulator its a bit of a video showing the planes view not very nice at all.

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    And who is at the controls of the simulator? Forget it, any pilot with a little training (all the terrorist pilots did have training) can hit a 100+ story building, and what more proof do you need when they did do it?

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    If your weak minded you would probably believe this. I for one watched this live as it happened, and the thought of a homing beacon is just plain stupid! Bet you also believe in the magic bullet that killed Kennedy. Need to get a life and probably a better sense of judgment also would hurt!

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    All he had to do was put the location of where he was going in to the autopilot and elevation, say 500 ft. The plan would fly its self. He turn off the autopilot only when the target was in sight. All he would of had to do is turn left or right.

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    that's the problem with world leaders today. We have enough technology to prove the plausability of an orchestrated attack.

    God help the CIA if we had been able to have such knowledge during the Kennedy age

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    Well, what are you suggesting did fly the planes into the towers?

    There's no doubting it would've been difficult, remember, however they weren't complete amateurs, they had been to pilot school.

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    you have to remember they were trained extremely well in all aspects and this also means flying a plane- in a documentary it showed that they were taking lessons on how to fly an aeroplane!

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    Fascinating. Also check out the documentary by loose change. 9/11 conspiracy...wouldnt surprise me if it was true to be honest. politicians and money.

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