venezuela schools?

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    Your question is really vague.

    Venezuela has public and private local schools, that follow the venezuelan education curriculum. Most public school are underfunded and have poor educational standards. Private school quality will largely depend on where the school is located and how much it charges for tuition, and they're the main choice of lower-middle class to upper-class citizens.

    As far as quality can go (I can only compare Venezuela and Canada), even the best venezuelan schools have a much lower education standard than Canadian schools, which are comparable to US and british schools.

    The country has a number of European schools (German, French, British), one Japanese school and a few other schools of different national origins.

    Only the German school (Colegio Humboldt), the French school (Colegio Francia), The British School and the Japanese School (Colegio Japones) in Caracas and Valencia offer high school completion certificates native to the countries of origin, but most offer as well Venezuelan education certificates while providing language and cultural education along with the standard Venezuelan curriculum.

    The main foreign schools:

    There's american schools that offer english education but following the Venezuelan curriculum. However, most schools also provide English as a subject, but the quality and results of these courses varies and is usually poor in non-american oriented schools, but in the americanized schools is usually pretty good.

    Some examples of americanized schools:

    A list of some other schools and educational institutos in caracas (scroll down to where it says "colegios"):

    And then we have the american international schools that work under the american public school curriculum and the international baccalaureate curriculum.

    The some American schools and IBO associated schools:

    A full list can be found here:

    I hope this helps.


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    It depends a looot. You have from free public schools to public schools with minimum cost to italain, American, british, French, Japanise and Jewish schools that are a lot more expensive but with higher learning level, it also depends in what city, Caracas? I need more information.

    Source(s): I am venezuelian
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