What is the HTML code for glowing text?

I would LOVE the HTML code for glowing text.

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    filter:glow(color: here, strength=XX):

    strength is how large the glow area is where XX is a number



    /*this makes the whole DIV and everything in it glow white. */

    #div1 {filter:glow(color:white, strength:5);width:0}

    /*this makes only the text inside span glow*/

    #div1 span {filter:glow(color:red, strength:5); width:0}


    <div id=div1>

    <span>text in span tag</span>

    text in div tag


    NOTE: glow filter will only work if the filtered element has either height or width defined ie width:0 in the case above. remove that and it wont work

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    Html Glowing Text

  • macki4
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    check out photobucket.com, and there are a few more that have alkinds of glowing stuff.

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    Check this link for tutorials


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    More details needed

  • Manis
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    1 decade ago

    check the following links ...

    Source(s): www.hypernews.org/HyperNews/get/www/html/guides/16/2.html www.siec.k12.in.us/~west/proj/present/exglowtext2.html www.htmlbasix.com/generators.shtml
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    Good replies, just what I was searching for.

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    idk but when you get it can you send it to me? shelbytigers2000@yahoo.com

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