Can someone describe to me how to......Tap?

I was wondering if someone would describe to me how to tap dance. I was thinking about taking a tap dance class and i have never done it before. So kinda explain to me how to do it and also is it hard?

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    Tap dance is not hard once you learn the basics, but the basics are essential and can sometimes be difficult to learn. Finding a great teacher who knows how to work with new older students helps. Tap involves a lot of foot work because the sounds come from your feet and tap is about the sound as much as the dancing. Look at some great old musicals with Fred Astair and Gene Kelly in them. They both tap dance and they make it look easy but they had years and years and years of practice and dancing professionally. Tap dancing is a great work out as well. I hope you enjoy!

    Source(s): 16 years of dance lessons
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    Tapping is pretty easy. The taps on the shoes make it sound like you are doing a lot more than you actually are. Some of the basic steps are...

    shuffle - take your foot and brush it forward along the floor until it comes off the floor, then pull it back, again, brushing the foot along the floor

    step - just what it sounds like

    hop - same hop that you know, basically to hop once on one foot

    toe - tap the very tip of the toe of your shoe on the floor behind you. You face forward, you "toe" to the back.

    jump - to hop from your weight being on one foot to being on the other

    flap - brush your foot out like the first part of a shuffle but then bring the ball of your foot down (brush, touch)

    ball change - take your right foot, step on it to the rear (while still facing front) then step back on your left foot (and vice versa on the left side) it is almost a sort of rocking step - you rock with your weight, right foot back then left foot front

    combinations - using any combination of the above steps like shuffle, hop, step. Or flap, step. etc, etc.

    Good luck! Tapping is lots of fun!

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