how does hydrogen works on automobile engines?

hydrogen-burning car

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    Powering a vehicle by Hydrogen is by no means a new idea, and in fact, almost all automobile manufacturers are currently developing a new generation of vehicles that run on Hydrogen as opposed to Gasoline. This new generation of vehicles are essentially electric cars that use a Fuel Cell instead of a battery to run the electric motor. Using a chemical process, Fuel Cells in these new vehicles convert the stored Hydrogen on board, and the Oxygen in the air, directly into electricity to power their electric motors. These new Hydrogen powered electric vehicles are very efficient, and in fact are more efficient than any internal combustion engine. The problem is that these new vehicles are years away from production, are very expensive, and converting to using Hydrogen fuel in this manner requires you to buy a new ( and expensive ) vehicle. All Hydrogen/Fuel Cell systems currently under development by large manufacturers have you purchase Hydrogen as you would Gasoline.

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    In a hydrogen burner, it is pumped right into the engine. there are 2 types, 1 is an engine that runs completely on H, and 2 is an engine that uses a small amount of hydrogen to mix with the fuel in the engine to make it more efficient. The problem with straight hydrogen is it is used pretty quickly.

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    Pretty much the same as gasoline. H is mixed with oxygen in the carburetor, then pulled into the combustion chamber, as a gas. The mixture is compressed by the piston, and then ignited by a spark plug.

    Hydrogen requires different engine set ups and some materials have to be upgraded in the fuel handling system.

    Besides lack of availability, the problem with hydrogen is how to store it and carry it in a vehicle. It is easy with gasoline, because it is a liquid at temperatures we live and operate in. Hydrogen becomes a liquid at -450 K degrees, close to absolute zero.

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    Pretty much the same way as gasoline. It requires a slightly different fuel system - the fuel tank, pump, injectors, and fuel lines have to be a bit different to handle a gas or liquid hydrogen, and the computer has to be programmed differently. But the principle is the same - mix the fuel with air and burn it.

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    the hydrogen used for the cars like ''fuel'' is not gas.It's is actually liquid hydrogen and the cars are allimentated with liquid hydrogen in the same way like with petrol.

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    Have you ever heard of a "H" Bomb? the "H' stands for Hydrogen. Same concept, only small scale.

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