How will I get the landed cost (purchase cost+freight)of a product (overseas purchase) working with Tally 5.4?

Suppose I purchased a machine for USD50,000 and incurred an air freight of USD 1,000 and a customs duty of USD 500. I want to get the total cost of the machine so as to set my selling price. In the stock summary, is there any option to show this? Also the expenses must be shown in the Trading Account Also. Please give me a valuable solution.

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    You need not to go to stock summary to do it

    stock summery would show only 50,000 as price of good as freight incurred is a type of indirect expense. and there can be many numbers of indirect expense which can effect cost of the purchase.

    customer duty goes in duties and taxes section and it would be shown there.

    What you can do put the cost of purchase as 50500/- as cost of goods as you are not getting any claim for custom duty.

    freight extra

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