Has anybody seen the movie " The Protector", star Tony Jaa?

I have seen Tony Jaa's first movie "Ong Bak", It was great, but I have not decided yet to see his new movie " The Protector", and if you did see the movie, just let me know how is it?

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    I saw The Protector last night with some friends of mine. I also have watch Ong Bak many times. The biggest difference between the two is that Ong Bak had an OK plot/storyline. The Protector has a choppy storyline at best, mainly because the US release was edited down for time and no one wanted to cut any action scenes.

    So, if you don't mind a lukewarm story, go see this movie! The action sequences are phenomenal!! There is one segment that is at least five minutes long that was shot in ONE CONTINUOUS TAKE! The camera doesn't cut away at all while Tony Jaa is fighting his way up the stairs of a 6-something story building.

    BTW, the dubbing really kind of sucks, but I didn't go see it for its lines. I will be buying this movie just so I can listen to the audio in its normal Thai.

    The co-star from Ong Bak, the one was played Hamlae, is also in The Protector. He was pretty good. I liked him in this movie better because he wasn't such a weasel.

    Hope you like it!!

    Go with a group so you get to hear everyone's reactions to the fight scenes. That makes it even better.

    - Tig

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    I like "Ong Bak" better. The plot of "the protector" is kinda sux. It is pretty much about a provincial man looking for his elephant in Sydney.

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    I've seen Ong Bak too and I thought it was awesome, he does his own stunts on top of that so I'm defintely going to see this movie!

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