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Which Pulitzer Prize winning book in 1937 became a Oscar winning classic film in 1939?

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    Gone With the Wind, an American novel by Margaret Mitchell published in 1936 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937 became a winning 1939 classic film which went on to win 10 Academy Awards and won the following awards in Oscars:

    Best Picture - David O. Selznick, producer

    Best Actress in a Leading Role - Vivien Leigh

    Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Hattie McDaniel

    Best Art Direction - Lyle R. Wheeler

    Best Cinematography, Color - Ernest Haller, and Ray Rennahan

    Best Director - Victor Fleming

    Best Film Editing - Hal C. Kern, and James E. Newcom

    Best Writing, Screenplay - Sidney Howard

    Honorary Award - William Cameron Menzies - "For outstanding achievement in the use of color for the enhancement of dramatic mood in the production of Gone with the Wind." (plaque).

    Technical Achievement Award - Don Musgrave - "For pioneering in the use of coordinated equipment in the production Gone with the Wind."

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    Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

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    Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

    Check this site and scroll down:

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    Gone with the Wind

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