How do i level up quickly in runescape?

I just started playing the game but it seems like it takes forever to level up. How do you know what level your on?

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    Missy chandrasekar described how to view your present combat level but heres a little help to gain some levels

    To level up quickly you just need to deal combat damage. The more damage you can deal the more experience you will get. So you need to train on monsters with really weak defense that you can hurt very easily.

    How you are fighting makes a difference as well. Runescape operates under a combat triangle. The three sides of the triangle being "Melee"(close combat), "Range"(archery), and "Mage"(spell combat). It works the same way as the game rock, paper, scissors.

    Melee beats Range.

    Range beats Mage.

    Mage beats Melee.

    So for example if you fought with mage spells you should fight armored monsters such as White Knights and Black Knights. If you were an archer you should train on Wizards and Dark Wizards. If you are a close combat fighter you should train on pretty much anything you can hit as long as you remember not to fight wizards because they are super effective against you.

    Also to increase your damage and gain more experience, when you are equipping your armor check at the bottom of the armor equipment screen to see if it is increasing the attack skill that you are training in or lowering it. An example would be not to wear heavy metal armor when you are training your magic skills because your armor weakens your attack and causes you to waste your time and runes.

    Also to add to phu's comment Prayer levels raise your combat level as well and can be used to compliment any fighting style.

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  • 1 decade ago know what level you are on if you click the first button on the top in the little panel on the bottom right corner of your screen. It tells your level in red like "combat level: 34".

    I have been playing runescape on and off for a month ish now and I am a level 66. Leveling up is quite easy initally till you hit about level 20 or 30. Then it takes hard work and keeping at it. It is worth it once you get there, because you can yeild more weapons and armor and do more with your skills and such. Also you are less likely to get killed by monsters and lose all your items on you.

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    It's actually easier to level up when you're level 20 and lower. You should kill cows. Other than getting your attack, defence, range, Ext. you keep the cowhides and sell them at Al-Ahkrid bank. Also my name is Lonewolf 626 in runescape.

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    well if ur just starting i would suggest killing goblins they are easy exp.. after that train on cows they good exp and like some1 said u can sell hides.... another way if u r a ranger or mage go to the wizards tower south of draynor climb to the top and kill the lesser demon it has 72 hp and gives about 400 exp so that will increase ur lv quite a bit there.

    also if u need more help i can help u my name is bamboolamboo

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    Phantom, first of all, you don't know what noob means. 2nd, this person likes RuneScape, so stop bothering him/her Well, I guess the fastest way to level is to find the strongest thing that you are able to kill, and train off those for awhile.

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    Runescape is for n00bs. Play Guild Wars or WoW!

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    Just raise attack, strength, defense, and/or range/magic.

    Those raise your level.

    If you need some steel weapons or iron armor, my names Neo8285.

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    there are two swords click them and it says combat lvl...if you need any help just contact me (lvl 103 )

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