How do you keep baked chicken breast moist?

I am going to season and then brown some skinless boneless chicken breast for dinner. My question is how do I keep them moist while baking? Do I cover the baking dish? And how long should I bake them and what temp? Thanks in advance!

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    One way to help ensure that the chicken turns out moist, whatever cooking method you use, is to brine it first. As it sits in the brine, the chicken absorbs extra moisture, so it can stand more overcooking before it dries out. And if you don't overcook it at all, it's terrifically moist and tender.

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    Moist Oven Baked Chicken

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    Moist Chicken Breast In Oven

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    baked chicken breast moist

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    the simplest way to keep chicken breasts moist when you bake them is to put some chicken stock in the baking dish. fill it so that the stock covers about half a centimeter of the dish. this will moisten and season the chicken without extracting all of its chickeny goodness

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    Boneless skinless chicken breast doesn't really have enough fat to keep it moist in the oven. Try baking it smothered in a sauce of some kind. Or cook it on the stove top instead. For good moist baked chicken breast, buy it with the skin on (the fat will keep it moist and tasty).

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    cover the chicken with foil and bake of 20 minutes. You can also wrap each piece in foil, dab with butter. this will make the chicken moist. Do not add salt before you cook, this will dry out you chicken.

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    I always cover mine at first, then uncover them like the last 10 minutes. I never do the water thing and they always turn out moist. I always bake mine on 350 anywhere from 30-40 min...depends on how big the chicken breasts are.

    If you are bet is to cut into one when you think they may be ready...if the juices run've got great chicken that's ready! Good luck.

    Here's a secret, before I brown mine, I dip them in egg not only helps with the moisture part but adds a delicious texture

    This way the outside never dries out ;)

    I always say make your life easy...why bother with extra steps when you just don't have to

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    The question was simple but details easily gets lost in translation...... just like the game (whisper a message then pass it between others) then the last man openly announces what he/she in heard. Usually, the answer is changed due to a lack of details.....

    For the record, I was preparing chicken thighs (baking) and wanted to maintain great flavors and moisture while doing it. Later, I would combine the chicken with seasoned white rice and a veggie choice. This dish was a request through a great friend as his favorite. He ask for boiled chicken but I thought that boiled chicken would lack flavoring and I couldn't show off my good cooking skills. I chose to bake so that I could season the meat and tenderize it. Now, tell what you think.......

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