why is it so hard to find Usama?

..and what sorry bastards are hiding him?

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    Geographically he has a lot of room to hide in, and like you say plenty of friends in places where we have few. Maybe we should go to Afghanistan and do like they do on tv. Say "Hi, I'm a friend of Osama's and I owe him some money, do you know where I can find him?"

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    I agree with you in calling him USAma as it tells it all. With all those satellites flying above our heads it would be impossible not to find him even if the operators were blind. Have you noticed that Bin Laden is like a rabbit they pull out of a hat whenever necessary?

    Source(s): A joint in Afghanistan among hashish and puppy farms.
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    i know a guy many years ago who was married to an Afghan woman (no i don't think she wore the Burka in Calif ... but maybe she did in bed).. anyway, the guy said that OBL was loved only because he had money and he would spread it around a bit up there in those **** hole mountains... u have to remember Alexander the Great the Greek (maybe he did and maybe he didn't) died in Afghanistan a looooooong time ago... check out the poor Ruskies... the reds lost their war there too... we were very very lucky to have the Northern Alliance around and beat the Talllllliban.... sooner or later they will flush that rag head outta his cave and give him the fitting reception he deserves............ Bullets and holes all over his pathetic body... he will look like swiss cheese when the CIA or special forces gets through with that psycho retarded anal retentive goat and pick oinker! glad that we nailed Sadsack Sadaam and his two psycho boyz.... it would have been a 50 year rain for that bunch of thugssss. also don't foeget that Libia gave up its nukes after we invaded Iraq.... that little goat blower Kadaffir could hear the food steps followin' his patetic ***...

    Source(s): Mary Magdelane told me last nite as i was sitting on the pot..
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    I think it's some Pakistanis who are aiding and hiding Usama. I can't say ALL Pakistanis, because Musharraf has been helpful to the United States.

    I have been hearing this week, that there hasn't been any credible leads to UBL's whereabouts in over 2 years...What's going on???

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ossama is most likely on the Pakistan/Afganistan border region. There it is custom and law to welcome in strangers (as long as they are Muslims) and protect them. Once welcomed, it is impossible to betray them or take back your welcome.

    He is revered by many as a holy man and great leader too.

    The area is very remote and anyone who comes into it is seen miles away and a long time before they get there. Even by air they are spotted a long time before they can arrive. Ossama hides in caves, troops sent in are ambushed, helicopters are shot down, jets can only do so much from their height.

    Attempts to infiltrate this area is very difficult as most folks there are family and outsiders are obvious and spys are killed.

    Aside from killing thousands of people indiscriminately over hunderds of thousands of acres, not much can be done to get Ossama until he comes out to play.

  • 1 decade ago

    He is probably hiding out in Tibet, hanging out with the charpa, and dressed as a woman.

  • 1 decade ago

    "Usama" is one of many ways to spell his name, for those of you who are asking.

    Anyway, it's hard to find him because he's hiding.

    These questions are easy.

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    Osama is hiding in a tribal region that has not had any sort of organized government for over 1000 years. The tribes run on tradition of protecting "guests" who ask for protection, as such, he's very well hidden... If he isn't already dead that is...

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    So now I know it's not you hiding him,okay!! So when are you going to get to looking?!! we've been needing more help since Christmas! can you check all tall men with white beards standing with shorter men with darker beards! Yep, in your city!

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    1 decade ago

    Because you have people looking for Usama instead of Osama.

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