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Why were the Republicans so interested in Bill Clinton’s sex life?

Was it because they complete lack one?


RLP: My dress is BLUE. Just like yours....LOL!!!!!

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    Because they couldn't find anything else. They spent millions of tax payers dollars to frame him on Whitewater. I wouldn't have been surprised if Monica wasn't a tool of theirs. She loved the attention, openly flirted with him, made sure she was in photos with him. I've seen many pics of Clinton smiling at women in that same flirtatious way. Always liked it because he didn't act like so many of those neutered neocons.

    I'll always think it was really fishy that Monica didn't have the 'blue dress' dry cleaned. Women will save souvenirs of a love affair, but a semen stained dress is more like evidence than a romantic memory.

    Clinton was a good President, had an IQ , and could speak English without mangling it, kept his mouth shut when he ate, and was diplomatic enough to not to endorse racial hatred and the promotion of an evangelistic theocracy, not to mention a war.

    I'm glad he preferred sex with women, rather than scr*wing the public.

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    You think it was ethical for the leader of the USA to not only get a BJ in the oval office, but to get it from an intern? Then to lie about it to a grand jury. That makes it all of America's business. At least JFK had the class to keep it private.

    In most companies the CEO would have been fired or asked to resign immediately. Have some class.

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    OMG - that was like 8-10 years ago!!!!!!!!

    Get over it!

    It wasn't about his sex life, it was about lying under oath.

    Illegal in every country!

    I would think a feminist would care that it also happened in the midst of all the sexual harrassment laws being passed - the Clintons made laughing stocks of the Feminists - after telling women for years that to stay with a cheater is the worse possible thing to do, Hitlary did the old fashioned housewife song & dance of Stand By My Man...

    Not to mention the gross out factor that Monica was only like 3 years older than his daughter!

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    No, some of my closest friends are still Republicans (haven't admitted to changing yet) and they've always seem to have a healthy sex life. But I cannot speak for the other Republicans who I don't know...

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  • Grow up.

    Get a clue.

    Why was Bill Clinton not interested in defending the country against terrorist attacks?

    Why has NO Democrat called for the repeal of laws allowing the testimony Clinton perjured himself on in sexal harrasment cases?

    Why do YOU not care about harrasment of women by their bosses when it's a Democrat?

    PS Did you complain when Anita Hill was talking about pubic hairs on a can of Coke? Is that more offensive than dropping trou and saying "kiss it?" (Which one was lying, I wonder.) But Anita Hill is a saint and Paula Jones is trash. Riiiiiiiiight.

    I also have been told for decades that "rape is not about sex." Any interest in the Juanita Broaddrick episode is therefore not a concern with "Bill Clinton's sex life."

    Too bad you have to go back a decade rather than address anything relevant today.

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    You really think republican's set around discussing Bill Clinton's sex life? It's not that, it's the fact that he was getting BJ's in the oval office on company time, and with a fat woman at that!

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    The Republican can't think of any other way to stop a good Democrat president than scandal. They spent Clinton's whole time in office trying to find dirt on him. They tried everything and all they could come up with was his sex life. As a result he spent his whole second term defending himself, could not accomplish much and that is just what the Republicans wanted.

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    Maybe they just wanted an excuse to discuss forbidden topics and "dirty words" in polite company. They certainly did change the standards of public discourse.

    I rather miss those Ozzie and Harriet days and keeping consentual sex between the consenting adults.

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    I wasn't. But I considered myself a Democrat back then. I thought it was ridiculously stupid.

    It should have been between Bill and Hillary.

    It was politics as usual. Just like the politics of today.

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