panama red?

anyone remember this song? who sang it? thinking it was from the 60's,,,,,,,,panama red,panama red,,it'll steal your woman then it'll rob your head, panama red!

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    Panama Red

    Lyrics: Peter Rowan

    Music: Peter Rowan

    Played by Jerry Garcia with Peter Rowan in Old And In The Way in 1973. Also recorded and played by the New Riders of the Purple Sage (after Jerry had stopped playing with them). Recorded by Pott County Pork and Bean Band on their first album, "Spreadin' It"

    Panama Red, Panama Red

    He'll steal your woman, then he'll rob your head

    Panama Red, Panama Red

    On his white horse, Mescalito

    He come breezin' through town

    I'll bet your woman's up in bed with

    Panama Red

    The judge don't know when Red's in town

    He keeps well hidden underground

    But everybody's acting lazy

    Falling out and hangin' 'round

    My woman said, "Hey Pedro

    you're actin' crazy like a clown"

    Nobody feels like working

    Panama Red is back in town


    Everybody's looking out for him

    'Cause they know Red's satisfies

    Little girls love to listen to him

    Sing and tell sweet lies

    But when things get too confusing, honey

    You're better off in bed

    And I'll be searching all the joints in town for

    Panama Red

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  • 1 decade ago

    yep :) tks for the memory

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