Brits -- can someone explain basic difference between Labour & Conservative Parties?

As an American I know party positions can change, and I'm especially wondering what Labour party of Blair stands for?

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    In essence, the original version was Labour - socialist, and Conservative - well, conservative.

    Now although view points and objectives have evolved, no new parties were created to reflect these. As such the current parties now stand astride, trying to bridge various areas to accumulate votes. Rather than create new groups which more accurately reflect candid opinions and policy-making strategies and objectives, these parties try to put forward token gestures but by-and-large do not fulfil their verbal commitments due to their unexplained, previously set agendas.

    The best thing to try and do would be to promote the break-up of the established parties into more forward and target-driven groups which would more accurately represent all denominations of society. As such votes would be far more meaningful and thus result in true democratic elections, and not republican partitioning.

    I hope this made sense.

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    Thats it.

    No other discernable difference.

    If you want a real opinion check out the Liberal Democrats

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