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問題一:Thanks very much for written me...I just got back from work and I am very happy to read from you... I am Buying it for my Pastor, as a birthday gift... I hope you do understand that this is the matter of the urgency.. I will make the payment through My Online Hsbc Bank Transfer Directly into your account... I will make the payment and i will offer you NTD 35,000.00, so Once I make the Payment my bank will e-mail you with the payment reciept comfirmation.. so You have to shipment the Item out to my Pastor through UPS courier service and email me and my bank the Tracking number or the airwaybill reciept from UPS... I will need the following details for the bank transfer: Beneficiary's Name: Bank Name: Account Number: Country: Total Item Price + shipping through UPS: Email address: Bank Phone number: Beneficiary's Phone number: Awaiting your reply... Thanks God Bless and you can also contact via my email Thanks

問題二: I mean i will buy your mobile for 35,000 NTD and i need your bank details so as to make the transfer of the can email me through my email address



= =這麼嚴重?! 哈~我知道了,我不會理他的!謝謝^^

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    ㄧ整編的意思 還好你不懂 這是一封由國外傳送的詐騙信件 意思雨糖已經幫你翻譯了 千萬不要相信 也不用理會它

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    有的甚至說 希望你能提供一個帳號 或有公司抬頭的信紙他要幫你開戶 並且把它叔父的遺產轉入你的帳戶 他將會把佣金匯給你 這些都是騙人的

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    有的甚至說 希望你能提供一個帳號 或有公司抬頭的信紙他要幫你開戶 並且把它叔父的遺產轉入你的帳戶 他將會把佣金匯給你 這些都是騙人的

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    他說他想用三萬五千元跟你買手機啦!要匯錢給你。叫你用快遞(而且一定要透過 UPS)送給他的牧師。不過最近騙子很多,除非你跟他很熟,要不然我不建議用這種方式交易,很容易賠了夫人又折兵。當心喔!

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