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who wanna see hbk one on one with big show??

without anyone else..just hbk vs. big show!!..that be kinda koo..sweet chin music on big show!!

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    Big Show lifts HBK with one hand...he's about to chokeslam HBK when all of a sudden HBK kicks Big Show squarely in the jaw. Big Show breaks his hold, HBK lies motionless on the ground but Big Show's still on his feet!

    What will it take...what will it take...what will it take, King, to knock the behemoth down?!! (shades of *JIM ROSS*!)

    Big Show's reeling, reeling, but the monster wouldn't go down...and HBK is lying st--...wait a minute...HBK just sprang up! Where does he find the strength! Such heart!

    HBK's prepping himself...we're gonna see some sweet chin music! Big Show's still reeling! AND...IT CONNECTS...HERE COMES THE PIN!!! ONE, TWO, THREE!!!


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    As long as it was extreme rules, Sure id like to see hbk get his *** kicked.

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    That would be a good question..but if its on Raw it would suck because ECW is on Raw, and if it were on ECW it would suck because once again Raw is on ECW...Vince needs to keep the brands seperate.

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    You ask a good question. That would be a good match, I hope it will happen.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i love to see hbk wrestle anytime..he's HOT!!!

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    Saw that match already so it wouldn't excite me.

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    i wanna see ur ***** gay @$$ getting beat the $hit out of/

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