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TRANSLATION English - Latin..?

Hey can anyone help me out in translating or put me in the right direction of a site that could help translate from English to Latin

"Live life, dont simply exist" ---- is what I want translated

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    Vitam vive, noli existere modo.

    Live life, do not merely exist.

    Never rely on internet translators; they only give you a starting point, never an accurate translation. Especially not for Latin, which is an inflected language.

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    I really like Jeannie's answer:

    Vitam vive, noli existere modo.

    The literal translation is very nice, especially with the imperative.

    "Live life, do not (be willing to) simply exist.

    Beautiful phrasing, really.

    Source(s): I dedicated six years of my life to getting a degree in Classics with a concentration in Latin. Trust me, I just know.
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    For an emphatic statement I would suggest the equivalent of "Let us live life rather than merely be."

    - Nos potius vitam vivamus quam ipsi simus.

    or "Live life rather than just exist"

    - Vitam vive potius quam ipse sis (singular version)

    - Vitam vivite potius quam ipsi sitis (plural)

    Source(s): Latin Prose Composition - Bradley's Arnold
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    The closest standard translation would be carpe diem (seize the day), but if you wish to be long winded you could say "age vitam, ne douchebagam es". The second clause I translated figuratively of course. It may not even be grammatically correct.

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    You can go to microsoft word and then translate it by clicking on tools and then click on language.

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    Google it

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