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OK how about this one?

OK. No info is given to the police except age. Guilty by association at a party. You had no drugs/alcohol, but it was at the party. Now, nobody knows your name, parents name, phone number, address, and no previous police records. How long can they keep you at the detention center, and what is a detention center like? Let's go with that you never tell them.

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    If they are charging you with a crime for whatever was going on at the party, they can charge you as John Doe or Jane Doe and you will be kept either until your court date or until someone comes down with proper identification to show who you really are.

    If they are not charging you for anything at the party, they will hold you until they figure out who you are and get a parent or legal guardian to pick you up.

    Of course, refusing to provide information such as name and date of birth to the police is something they can charge you with. The name for it varies by state, but it can be Giving False Information to Law Enforcement or Obstruction of Government Operations. The right to remain silent is based on the 5th Amendment. The 5th Amendment protects against self-incrimination. Since giving your name is not, in itself, in any way incriminating, you have no constitutional right to refuse to tell the police your name. And as such, refusing to give your name generally can be considered a crime.

    And if you go all the way through waiting your time out to court, go through court, and guilty or not guilty, they can hold you until they determine who you are. That means if you never tell them, they don't have to release you.

    Source(s): -Juvenile Crimes Investigator
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    Every state is different. Maybe if you tell people what state you're talking about someone can give you a better answer. In general, they will hold you until you can be turned over to a family member or state agency. If the police know you're a minor they can't just let you go on your own. It would be a huge liability if you turned up injured or dead after they sent you off on your own. Besides, don't you think that eventually someone would come looking for you or file a missing person report and they will put it together. And by the way...detention centers suck. They are just prisons for little people with big attitudes.

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    Depends on the state. In SC you can be held until someone brings a picture ID of you. Then they will run you for warrants etc. It will take even longer for that. So unless you want to stay at jail, cooperate with the Police. You might also get a additional charge of hindering the Police or false information to the Police and have to pay even more money or time in jail. When your case comes up, would you rather have the arresting officer say to the judge; "She refused to cooperate" or "She was very cooperative?

    Guilty by association? The Supreme Court calls that "Constructive Possession" if no one claims the drugs or alcohol.

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    If you are uncooperative enough they will eventually transfer you to a mental health facilty which is like 100x worse than a juvenile detention facility.

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    Why not make preventive decisions and not got to the party? That way you won't put your family through the hassle of warring about you and wondering where you went and if your dead or not.

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