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can a patagonian Mara live in Michigans climate with shelter?

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    Patagonian Maras are often kept in zoos, or as pets. Patagonias that were raised from birth among humans are very social with humans, though if they are not used to humans they may begin to become active at night in order to avoid socialization.

    Patagonian Cavy may be housed indoors (yes, they can be paper trained) or in an outside dog kennel (10ft x 10ft) that has been set up to prevent these animals from burrowing free by laying a concrete slab or by burying wire under the soil.

    This article is about zoo standards for keeping them in captivity. I'd say if it's a guideline for zoos, it should be informative enough to get the information you'll need. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to open it up:

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    They come from an arid temperate, so no I would not raise one outside in Michigan's weather. Some nights are so cold I bring my very hairy German Shepherd in. I couldn't imagine that small creature trying to stay warm!

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