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what do you think are collation doing right in Iraq?

before war in iraq. peoples have more facility such they are getting education easilly get madical free goes one place to another place without any conflection.and now.............. what happening in iraq? who are the resposibly?is it the oil war ?

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    Ask all the Iraqi's who were killed under Hussein if he should be released to rule in tyranny again-especially the Kurds who he just loved to gas to death!!

    The VAST MAJORITY of Iraqi's that have been killed are being killed -not by the coalition forces-but by fellow Iraqis and Iranain insurgents who cant fathom a democratically elected form of government.

  • SKG R
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    1 decade ago

    If you ask this question you know what was wrong.

    Collation or some one will have to set it right.

    What I feel is we need more collation from the right nations.

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    I guess the yare tryin 2 convert them 2 christians so they won't do some kamikaze stuff

  • Ahmad
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    1 decade ago

    Yes,it the oil war.US will not leave Iraq until it get rid of all Iraqis,an Iraqi told me so.

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    Your grammar is so bad, that I cannot understand what you're asking. Before you question our country's foreign policies, try raising your IQ into the triple digits.

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