How do I determine the minimum system requirements for a program that I wrote?

I've been trying to find a program that will test my program and determine the minimum system requirements that are needed to run my software. I would prefer a free tool, becuase software for developers is always extremely expensive, but any suggestions would be appreciated. The info that I'm trying to find are: minimum cpu speed, memory, video card, hard drive space, etc... I could make a guess myself, but I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I am assuming you are talking about a Windows application.

    Canned Heat and Holodeck are test tools that show how your application responds when running out of system resources. They do not automatically give you your answer. It's more of a trial-and-error process.

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    Here are a few thoughts to help you with all that.

    1). The requirements to run your program will be no *LESS* than the OS it operates under.

    2). RAM requirements will best be measured using a memory profiler. Some good ones are available as freeware, see the first

    two URLs below.

    3). Processor speeds will affect all of the above somewhat. As speed goes down, RAM must come up. There will be a point of not working at all. This is hard to determine without experimentation on lower end machines.

    4). Similar types and complexities of software will be a rough guide to your application. And some pre-packaged components, if you are using them, will require certain things and say so.

    5). As far as I know, which could be wrong I suppose, there is no magic program to tell you what minimum for your program is needed. You can explore the freebies in the links, but I find nothing.

    Other than the above, I know of no firm method. Maybe someone else could enlighten me also?

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    I am afraid that this information may not be very useful to you. I myself a developer and generally uses the following to determine the minimum system requirements:

    1.The most important thing is the OS requirements. And whether the program will work on which OS's. For example Windows98 requires a certain amount of RAM and CPU speed. So if we include Win98 in our requirements than it will cover the RAM and CPU speed as well.

    2. The size of hard disk space needed can be calculated by the size of the program+dependency files+data files(that the program can create during runtime)+any other resource file.

    3. The size of RAM required can be calculated by several ways.

    First, of all, of course the size of the exe file gives the amount of RAM that will be needed.

    Secondly, I have a memory manager (RAM Idle) installed on my system that displays the amount of free RAM available for use. When any exe files is loaded into memory it will reduces the free memory by a certain amount (say 2MB or more), this gives me a fair amount of memory that will be required.

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