I want to buy some land on hwy 64 in Dare or Terrell County, NC who would I contact?

I noticed several signs along hwy 64 coming from the beach but couldn't stop due to traffic. I have looked on the Internet but can not find anything.

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    Contact a local realator in that area. If the property is listed for sale, he or she can help you.

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    Check the signs again for a phone number... You could also call a realtor in that area....they would know who the owner is and if it's listed with a realtor. You could also find out who the owners are from the County Recorder of Deeds office. They should be able to produce a survey map showing the properties and the owners names.

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    If you've missed a contact name or number on the local signage, you can call a Realtor in your local market and they should be happy to refer you to a quaified Realtor serving the Outer Banks. It's what we do for a living and we try to help whenever possible.

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    Ask a realtor to help you. http://www.realestateforsaleinnorthcarolina.com/

    This is a great site to check out local agents with links to their personal websites so you can do a little research and browse their listings before you contact them.

    I'd check out the "featured" agents first, but if none of them cover your area the others in the directory are lovely as well.

    Good luck!

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    you may want to check with the register on deeds for that area then try directory assistance. the register of deeds can give you the owner of record then you may be able to contact that person who can then give you more details .

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    a Realtor

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    Start with Realtor.com- you can target a search pretty specifially there.

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