what is the meaning of corporate business & corporate office?

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    Literally, these things refer to elements of a corporation, which is a legal structure by which a business is run. As opposed to a sole proprietorship or a partnership, which is the possession of its owner(s), a corporation stands alone, run by a Board of Directors elected by stockholders. Many businesses incorporate because it protects the person running the business from being sued, since the corporation itself is what gets sued if someone is unhappy. Thus, a corporate business is one which is run with the goal of making money for the stockholders, rather than one run to meet the complex needs of an individual owner, and a corporate office is usually the headquarters of the corporation.

    Because the corporation is an impersonal form of business, though, the term "corporate" is also often used casually to mean that it is cold and stiff. Hence, people might say that an organization, even one which is not officially a corporation, is becoming too "corporate", which usually means that it is focused on making money and doesn't care about people, or that an office is "very corporate", meaning coldly efficient and formal, rather than relaxed and friendly.

    You need to look at the context of how the phrases are written to know which one is meant.

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    corporate business is an marketing strategy

    corporate office is a place for business to run

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    try lookin it up the dictionary..

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