Single mom with two boys and soon to be homless, please help!?

Can anyone tell me where I can rent for around $400 a month with a washer dryer included or at least a hookup in the Saint Louis County area or Fenton or Arnold area. I work on Tesson Ferry at a daycare and my two boys go there so I don't want to have to switch. With all the crazyness with being a single mom they are finally completely happy. They love their daycare and I love my job. I have tried section 8 but its not available to me right now (list is closed). If anyone knows of a place that does rent based on income that would help out a lot too. All of them that I have found have really long waiting list and we are about to be homeless. Please help!!!!


I am currently with a roomate and he is letting me use his computer. I don't have cable or a cell or any unneeded things. I don't own any video game systems and the TV I have belongs to my dad.

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    I am assuming that St. Louis County is in Missouri. Here is a link to several different places that will be able to help.

    Also, althought section 8 listing may be closed there is still places in public housing that have a continual waiting list. Sometimes they say that list is much longer than it is, and most places do have priority housing for people that are homeless. You will have to find an agency to write a letter verifying you are homeless or about to be. Here is another link to find you a subsidized apartment in your area. It is better to go to these in person because it is so much easier to tell people that the waiting list is so long and dash their hopes over the phone. If you go in person they can see the desperation and more likely to help you. You will need your birth certs and social security cards for the kids, your id and social sec card, proof of income, to apply. Make sure you have all these and that will get the ball rolling. Ask if they have priority housing and if they say no ask them to refer you to a shelter or an agency to help you so they know it's not just a hoax.

    good luck!

    Source(s): 11years as a property manager!
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    Go on welfare and get food stamps, should lighten the load. Also, stop unnessicary use of appliances. (TV, computer, video games) and also work part-time at a minimum wage job. See if you can get a deal with a nearby babysitter for free or next to free. Also, start getting lower cost stuff, and sell unnessicary things at a yard, tag, or garage sale. Maybe, if you need to, sell your car and get one for less. It is much better to have an old car than to have no home. If you need to, stay with a relative for a month or so until you can take these measures:

    1. Sell all unnessicary things

    2. Make a projected amount of money you make and money you need to spend

    3. Look at all your options.

    God bless you and good luck!

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    as a single father and a now full time student i can relate to your situation. i don't know where you live but i would look at churches, non-profits allot of them have help for people in your situation or can at least point you in the right direction. I live in WA. state and with a little research and allot of patience and perseverance i was truly amazed at the type of help you can obtain. you do have to be flexible but you have to be in life anyways. look on the web at my non-profit. com ,i think? you would find it if you just typed in non profit or world peace. it is a site for all types of non-profits and i mean thousands and people in that field you should get something also if you have any colleges they have all kinds of things for housing. try not to panic and don't get down, just do your best and be creative. I was truly amazed at what i was able to get help with. I wish you and your children well

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    I can't help you, but I am sorry to hear about this. I'm also sorry about some of the things people are saying on here. People can be so mean. Don't let them get you down. No one knows your circumstances but you. Just don't give up. I'm sure something will come along soon. Good luck.

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    Go to a local college and find a list of student looking to rent a place. Get a place and split rent, don't try and do it on your own. If it's still not enough, get a second roommate.

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    I don't live in your county, but you may want to research something called Homesharing which they may offer in your state. People with large homes offer rooms and run of the house to people looking for a place to live. (very reasonable rent or light house duties)

    Source(s): I used the Homesharing service when I wanted to find a more reasonable place to reside. New Jersey
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    go to a shelter and save up money until you can get a place..

    o ya and if youre about to be homeless how the hell are you online?

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    I do not know what state your in but doesn't their father support them finacially? Try your state agencies for assistense. What the he-l kinda father do your boys have?

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    sorry cant help but if ur almost gonna b homeless it would b smart to take internet connection off.

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    i was gonna say did zach and cody get you kicked out of the tipton???

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    find them a daddy...

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