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Martha M asked in SportsCycling · 1 decade ago

Where can I find a plain ladies bike w/ no gears, bells or whistles?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Generally, a no-gear bike is a poor idea if you live in the hills; however, any bike store that sells beach cruisers will have what you're looking for.

    For Nostalgia's sake, there's still a few no-gear ladie's beach cruisers left on the market.

    Other than that, for simplicity, why not consider an gearhub bike, like a 3-speed? They go for decades without maintenance. See also Dutch Bike, Euro Bike, Internally Geared, Breezer, and Electra Townie Ladies 8. Sure the gearhub bikes cost more, but that's the price of easy hills. ;)

    Here's a link to Breezer and Electra:

    These have no. . .extra. . .gears bells or whistles. ;)

    Check your local bike store for a quality bike that won't cause you any maintenance headache.

    Also, on the same line of thought. . .here's 2 more no-maintenance goodies:

    *Kool Stop upgrade brake pads don't squeak, don't eat through wheels, and last far longer.

    *Slime inner tubes won't leak the air out of the tires.


    So, here's my approach to your question. . .

    A quality machine from a bike store (not toy dept) of the ultra-reliable type that the Dutch use for daily transportation.

    Simple 1 control operation of enough gears for pain-free hills, and these internal gears are very reliable.

    Inner tubes that don't slowly leak the air out.

    An upgrade to inexpensive, but high end, brake pads so that your wheels aren't eaten and you don't have to listen to squeaking.

    Some of the derailleur-based American versions are reliable enough to require only a yearly tune-up for perfect operation. I like the Diamondback Winwood, Edgewood series because of their low cost, multiple use nature, very high speed, and light weight.

    Why? This one has the unusual price-performance bang to go touring with the road bike touring club on the weekends (speed), front shocks to clear the potholes with grace, enough traction for gravel, rain, mud, storms, and a minimum price for its category.

    If a "dutch bike" isn't just very interesting, then a single-speed beach cruiser would be a "plain ladies bike w/no gears, bells, or whistles" Okay, there might be a bell involved. lol!

    Since your question indicates that you may not have shopped quality bikes in a long time, there is one bit of news that you need. Bike stores traditionally fit by "standover height" and that doesn't work with the modern bikes. Please ask to be fitted by "reach".

    Yes, this might result in showing a lot of seat post extension (very much on the Diamondback, but not on the Breezer). Today's smaller frames are better for your back, lighter weight, easier to handle, and far faster.

    I'm saying to "fit by reach" so you don't get a bike that's too big (slow). This is a new thing.

    The question also seems to indicate that you may not have explored uses for the bike. You can:

    *Use a rack and panniers (Sunlite) for groceries, picnics, travelling to work

    *Go with friends exploring the bike trails

    *Vacation every weekend with the road touring club (Diamondback Winwood & Edgewood, Specialized Sirrus)

    *Use the bike for enjoyable transportation, getting exercise "just by accident"

    So, you might want to visit bike stores, locate bike clubs in your area, and visit with cycling friends to find out what leisure opportunities there are in your area. A competent hybrid (like the Edgewood) could probably participate in most of these activities; however, a no-gear bike would just stay in the garage and rust.

    So, get some local information (chamber of commerce, bike clubs, bike stores) and then get a bike that will cover all your needs unless you want to be limited to just cruising a few blocks.

    In the case of children, such as keeping them away from harmful video games, other harmful influences, and weight problems, is easy with the help of the bike store. This costs less than video games and drugs. It also costs less than driving them to soccer practice. Well, you'll need a bike that can "keep up" like the Diamondback Winwood / Edgewood that's fast enough for the road club and as comfy as a cruiser.

    Inspiring athletics in children is a good way to keep them away from negative influences, and cycling can help in that goal.

    Most helpful is the road touring club (free weekend babysitters) because of the "outage" of road cycling in the U.S. for the past 2 decades has caused the touring clubs to consist of grandpas, grandmas, great-grandmas (unbelievably speedy great-grandmas), and children from 12 through 19 with fewer in-between ages. Those who are in-between ages are almost all parents out having fun with their kids. Road cycling has recently "come back" into fashion because of the new crop of bikes that are both comfortable and fast at the same time (bike store).

    Have fun! Plan. Plan to have fun.

    Test drive. Do it a lot.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You won't find any new bike nowadays without a bell because it's a statuatory requirement for manufacturers to fit one and after November you will be liable to an on the spot fine if your bike doesn't have one.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you dont want gears, you might have to get a track bike, but those dont have brakes either...i dont know if that matters to you...but its just a bike with basically nothing, and they make women's specific ones too

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  • 1 decade ago

    you can buy a single speed... specialized and redline make them. google the brand names for their websites. also, giant bicycle makes what's called a "simple single" but it's more of a cruiser type with bigger handlebars. good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    A thrift store ? Goodwill ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    most bikes don't have whistles.

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  • try Walmart or even are still out there

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