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What did Winston Churchill mean when he said"History will be kind to me for i intend to rewrite it"

Give me a short explanation for it.


Why & how will history be kind to him?

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    It is the premise behind the assumption that everything falls under the power of relevance being well... relative in that history is; half actual, factual, truth and half documented, unified, perception. The mob often rules, even to its own detriment.

    In other words... people tend to believe History, because of the respectability, collectively given to the person who was there at the time to quote it, or in this case... re write it.

    We fail to see how everything, every one of us as individuals writes and re writes history to make it what we need for it to be as opposed to what it actually was. What is in the books, is only a small part of it. Disputable and questionable in its best and worst moments.

    Churchill was a "great man." But was he really, upon close, often missing, microscopic evaluation of the small details of his life and deeds? According to him, and all those who were of a like mind, he was great and therefore "History" was good to him.

    Like King Henry, ask history and he was one of the great Kings. Ask any one of his wives however and they will tell you he was laden with guilt and insecurity that often manefested itself in rage and binge eating that caused gout so severe he was known to smell of his own walking death. He was repulsive, a murderer and a womanizer that disguarded women as he saw fit due to the way they looked or how they smelled.

    We all have that power. For some, they grasp it and others fall victum to it.

    To an entire Nation. Hitler was benevolent and a great leader. Until life changed his re written "history" back, to the truth...

    It is like Parnel was to the Irish peole. When a hero falls, history often re writes itself to the hero's detriment because as I said above... "The mob rules."

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    Since history is written by the winners, he can alter the truth as to what he did

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    He intended to make his own propaganda.

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